(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Precious Opal

Opals are the all-in-wonder gems, they’re good for a number of things, in your arsenal, of having around you, those gems, which work, for you, and help you maintain health, happiness, and togetherness.

Opals are for the togetherness of spirit, of bodymind, and of mental capabilities.

Opals, expand mental capabilities, in a grounded way, and are used to gather psychic, spiritual, and telepathic energy, and can be used with drawings of a outline of a bodymind, to increase activity of peace, health, and action, in those areas.

Keep opals in silk scarves, for they relate to each other well.

Opals, can be used to negate or strengthen tarot cards, placed out in a reading, for the subject.

Choose the opals, well, and then, put  affirm blessings on all of them, which calls in the positive energies, thoughts, actions, people, who are of the Light, and turn out those who try to bring dark into the process.

Opals are pure Light, and cannot be used, for dark operations, they will fight the action trying to be done.

Opals worn as necklaces, gathers life energy, and strengthens, the one wearing it, its full day, even if the necklace is taken off, the Ghost, of them, go on working their purity of life energy.

Opals must not be given as presents, etc., but the one the opals are for, must choose those which fit their personality, bodymind action and spiritual truth.

One or many, must be tuned to the person, using them or it, so the Universe is aware that a bearer of the Light, is working their spirituality, in the cause of Light.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!