(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Success is not the same for everyone, and that’s the secret of success, it’s what you want it to be.

There are many successes, from big to small, to microactions, all of it depends on what you see as being success, in your own life.

Success is not a word that describes one thing, and everyone, who reaches this goal, is now successful. What is the key to all successes, is that it’s what you believe it to be; you’re the kingpin, of what is success in your eyes, and all the information you find, on success, may or may not be what you feel success is.

Many cultures try to convince its citizens, that what the majority say success is, is what you ought to see it as, as well. This is poppycock, and is only a trick, those who know how to play the state game, want you to believe.It allows them to win, and you to lose, or at the least, you become a member of their success club, and the only way you can win, is by beating them at their own game.

This is the description, of the way of war, it’s where one set of peoples, see success, as their idea of strategic goals, and the other parties, don’t agree, and build their own success societies.

Each sees their success values and goals, as the only one that is right, so, they grow angry, at the other societies, for not following their strategic goals. They become militarized, in showing these other, less brilliant societies, how to become like them. If they don’t, they’re apparitions of a slap in the face, at the first’s, surety that their way is the only way to success.

The other society, disagrees with that, and this angers the first society, so they start posturing, in a way to let the other society know they’re better than they are, which eventually leads to conflict.

If the first society, is stronger, then they have an advantage, of superior numbers, but superior numbers, isn’t always the winner. Those who see military fighting as the way to expand their kingdoms, look to brilliant military leaders, to guide them in their war, with other societies. One, of course, is the Art of War, by Sun Tzu, which lays out how a king can turn his people into warriors and fighters, mostly by fear of the ruthlessness of the king, to kill, maim or destroy others around the party, giving him problems.

War is the stupidity of the human race, and as we have seen with the other races in the Universe, as well.

The Constellation, has been at war with Rowdies Rangers, for months, and they’re losing badly. However, they refuse to come to a peace table, and thus, their own pride is going to destroy them.

Rowdies Rangers are the best trained warriors in the Universe, and they have behind, and with them, Catseye, and Ghost, the best trainer of warriors, in the Universe.

However, Rowdies Rangers, simply want the Constellation to stop kidnapping races on planets, not as advance as they are, and stop, experimenting on them, for their own murderous reasons.

Rowdies Rangers, want them to stop, stealing from these same planets, and making them pay top dollar for goods they force them to take.

Rowdies Rangers, want peace, and do not want to destroy them, but if it becomes the only way to stop them, then they will find a way to end it, with the Constellation complete surrender.

In the above, we see, two different kinds of seeing the category of success; one defending, the other attacking, because of their sense of being better than all the other races.

Rowdies Rangers, want peace, and are willing to negotiate, to find an answer, that will allow both parties to win, but so far the Constellation, refuses to do this, because of their relentless search, for bodies, which are totally indestructible.

You are the one who says what success is to you, but be open, and sure enough, within yourself, to allow others the same right.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!