(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Rubelite is a food gem, keeping Rubelite near, not in, where food is held, allows Rubelite to do its magic, of keeping the healthy aspects of the food, at a maximum, for a longer time, than would happen, if it wasn’t there.

Use Rubelite, nearby, when allowing food to cool, for it allows a freshness, to be with the food, and brings out its healthiness, to help those, who eat the food.

Drinks can be helped by the presence of Rubelite, in the next room, but never in the same room.

Never keep Rubelite, in the bedroom or the bathroom, for its energy flow, is very strong, when bottled up, and can do harm to you, and anyone else, who experiences it.

Wash Rubelite in cold water, daily, preferably in the morning, but it can be done, before you go to bed.

Keep Rubelite away from other gems, for it cuts the power and energy of the other gems, and grabs it for itself.

Never keep Rubelite under a bed, etc., it can drain your healthy energy and leave only the harshness energy, or ill energy, within you, and around you.

To balance it out, create a five slice circle, and color each slice withone of the 5 colors: red, blue, yellow, green and crystal white.

Do not get large pieces of Rubelite, but small pieces, and if needed they can be placed in a necklace position, to multiply their effect.

Rubelite, cannot stand illness, thus if you feel ill, keep a Rubelite, in the same room, but across the room, then wash it in cold water, before going to bed, and never take it into the bedroom or bathroom with you.

If you’re going to leave your abode, for more than a day, wrap Rubelite, in a white towel, or scarf, and place it, in an area, that can look outside.

Microcosmic Force  Blessings upon you