(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

We’ve looked at the conventional way of giving an aura reading, to a client: 1. read the energy around them, which is made up of iconic energy, and shows symbols to reflect what’s going on in each one of them, 2. next, we do their present, and how these iconic symbols interweave with the clients present, 3. next, comes the persons wellness Q, what’s going on within and outside of their bodyminds ( bodymind is a singular life experiencing, and we see how they view themselves, as a single organism, or as parts making up a constructed whole ), 4. next, comes the person’s future, which is made by what they choose here and now, thus reading the future isn’t a now and then experience, but a here and now expansion, 5. this can be followed by romance, interacting with others, etc., 6. now, we go into finances, business ops, and so on, 7. and the last, is what problems they’re having that aren’t here and now caused, but may be reflected in what you experience, to keep it fresh, within your mind, these problems are held over from past lives, and are here and now, because of their working in the present to cause the client problems. The reader can then tell them of past lives that are influencing this present one, and thus, the actions lived through, are not stagnant, but fresh, in the experiencing of the client- here and now.

The above gives the client a way of expectation, of what they’re going to hear, what’s going to be covered, and so on.

However, this can be dull, and worse, hide some clarity that needs to be viewed, which isn’t, because of the standards used by the reader.

How can we circumvent this- by realizing you can read anything, and you don’t need to have a standard reading pattern, but can simply go with the flow, reading that which is being projected by the client.

Free Auric Reading, is freedom from dogma, and reading, by feeling the flow going on within the client, here and now. This freedom allows your psychic talents, abilities and skills to pick up things, which might be hidden from the standard reading form.

The secret to reading, is to realize: 1. All things have an aura, 2. everything is in movement, 3. everything has life energy, thus is self-directive and aware, 4. Awareness is an instant by instant feeling of what’s going on with the client; you can start with the here and now, projective emotions, feelings, thoughts, but be open to going wherever your insight takes you, 5. you can use this in every kind of psychic reading forms, such as Tarot, Astrology, rocks, sticks, and so on, don’t be a stick in the energy, free yourself to Discovery and Positive Identification of what’s going on- in the client’s, here and now present.

Bodymind means you’re a single organism, with no parts; this is a breakthrough- Amazement, for it aligns you with the truth of your being, and the client’s as well.

Empathy is used to feel the descriptive symbols, showing what’s going on, feeling, etc., in the client; remember= empathy not sympathy, you show them you hear what their saying or feeling, but you give them the respect that they can heal themselves, with a little empathy to their whole being.

Look at Past Lives Therapy: on how to help your client, see where the problem arises from, not in the here and now, but in the symbolization of not worked throughness, in a past life.

Remember: you can read anything, and you can do it your way, and it doesn’t have to be in standards used by others.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!