# 14 Onyx

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Onyx is a valuable companion, in the journey of life, it’s called the Sorcerer’s Stone, and is a great magic stone, but more important, it works to help the sorcerer, and others, to accomplish their goals.

Onyx is best used in small pieces, unless a great act in the world, is to be done, by the sorcerer, then feel the size needed, and don’t go beyond that size, for then Onyx, will not stay stable, but will go crazy, attacking the sorcerer, and anything else around,

Onyx is the stone of bodymind protection, from attacks, verbal attacks, world attacks, and etc.. Again, if you are going to have it on your person, small pieces are better, but trust your feelings, about the size needed, but small is stronger than larger.

Why is this so, because larger means that the energy of the Onyx, is spread out and not as tight to use, as smaller pieces, who focus and do what the sorcerer wants to accomplish. This rock isn’t just for sorcerers, but you must have an understanding of bio-energy, and how lei lines are affected/effected by this gem, for if you don’t, it works against you, rather than for you.

Onyx- a gemstone of Protection!

# 50 The Valiant Heart-2

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson 2015

The Valiant Heart, is found within men,women, and children; age has nothing to do with the workings of a Valiant Heart, consciousness, and awareness, as well as, adaptability, plays a huge part in how a Valiant Heart is born, within the already beating heart of a man, woman or child.

In Camelot, the age of Chilvary, the Valiant, were knights of the Round Table,within this Valiant lifestyle, is a strict code of conduct, if one failed to observe this with another, then a challenge would be made, and they would fight to the death.

This is not a Valiant Heart, but a challenger/war knight, who lives to challenge himself, herself, to make sure they’re not besmirched in any way. If they are, then a dual to the death, or to one wins over the other, is accomplished.

This is a war mentality, Jedi, Jedi Knights, Dream Dancers, work for peace, and growth, through interactive networking. Jedi, Jedi Knights, and Dream Dancers, practice the art of self-defense, which means no offensive moves toward another, but if attacked, they will defend themselves.

Jedi, Jedi Knights, and Dream Dancers, do not follow the way of non-violence to the point of letting themselves to be hurt, or protecting another, but this is a case of last resort.

Jedi, Jedi Knights, and Dream Dancers practice peacecreation, and work it throughout their daily lives; action speaks better than words. They work at showing others how to live peaceably, respect themselves, and others around them. Jedi, Jedi Knights, and Dream Dancers, take full responsibility of everything they do; they do not try to wiggle out of something they did that was wrong. They stand up and are counted standing for the wholeness/fullness of action, where the action fits the transgression, or they practice the art of self-defense, to the need, and then stop.

The art of self-defense, has many forms, as does the art of offensive fighting, such as: Samurais, Ninja, and others. These practices, are worsening the world, not helping it; self-defense builds action to bring on peace, and utilize using the opponents own strength against them, some of these arts: Kenpo Karate, Japanese, Laos, Kung Fu, and more.

Non-violence practitioners, are just as strong in their belief, as those who would use violence. Those who use violence will maim, kill, anyone who stands in their way, but those, who practice peacecreation, do have two leaders, of civil disobedience: we’re speaking of Gandhi, and Dr. King, but both of these were killed, by those, who follow the way of the gun, knife, and more gruesome military weapons, loved by soldiers, Congress, and the President.

In this faction, is the CIA, FBI, NSA, intelligence agencies, all practice, violence as a healthy way to break down the enemy, and through this any action/torture they do, is lawful, no matter the consequences, to the national heart of peace and standing for no conflict, but conflict resolution.

Some philosophers make a big splash, by cataloging the art of war, how a prince should act, and how to train armies to kill; all of these men, or women, are of the cruel heart, and see death, punishment, torture, as valuable tools, to make sure their side wins in any kind of confrontation, These folk can never be Jedi, Jedi Knight, or Dream Dancers.

Jedi, Jedi Knights and Dream Dancers are of the Valiant Heart, and practice, and live self-defense.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

#13 Precious Opals

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson ( Zoua ), 2015

Opals, as a network, are strong, powerful, but have a flaw, where they lack courage to finish up something they’re working on. This can be solved, by always using opals, on a color, by towel, scarf, etc..

Precious Opals are for the heart, where it strengthens, each person’s heart, and helps keep disease, away from this important organ, in our bodymind.

Precious Opals, naturally work in networking, with others, who network together, in a here and now, methodology. This is a natural talent, Precious Opals have, but they don’t work with all gems and diamonds, so you have to put them together on a color, and see if they work together or fight each other. If they fight each other, then list the gem your using as a nonusable, with Precious Opals.

Precious Opals are great, for here and now courage, or extra courage, when dealing with traumatic events, or heatbroken men, women or children, it allows them to get through this pain/hurt/attack against their natural way of being.

Precious Opals can be placed in the bedroom, to strengthen sexual and romantic movements, as well as, let us be in our feelings, rather in our mind. Sex and opals go hand and hand, they strengthen, all involved, to reach love, orgasms, or truth.

Precious Opals, are not to be used for long term, they won’t serve, you for long periods, Precious Opals, are for short term help, but can be made a helper longer, by changing the color your using.

What color works best with Precious Opals- blue, yellow, and sometimes red; green, fights Precious Opals, at all times. Sometimes, you can handle this, by placing two or more colors together, which feel right, when you put them together. This is for extremely short periods, never for long term.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

# 58 The Valiant Heart

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

In life, we look to outside, to give to us what we need to survive, have fun and work. We seldom look inside ourselves, to answer, whatever problem we’re working on, and through.

The Valiant Heart is a heart that looks within, and finds the answer or courage to do what needs to be done.

We all have the will to be Valiant of the heart; many of us have forgotten we have a will, which is utilized as will-to-love. In being Valiant, we are the doer, and always looking for answers to questions, of our own making, or presented to you as a problem, the party, brought to you.

In Avalon, Camelot, the Valiant were Knights of the Round Table, and their squires. There the Valiant hearts, knew their purpose, is to protect the realm, and the people, within it.

Jedi and Jedi Knight are Valiant of heart, for they work, to bring peace to the world, or worlds, by trusting their feelings, and acting in the only way they can act to be true to yourself.

Within trueness of singularity, is the will-to-love, which means using your will, which resides in the solar plexus, and the center of your chest, used to utilize telepathic motion, action, movement, and accomplishment.

Jedi and Jedi Knights look to the Microcosmic Force, to live their lives, and to work with the Microcosmic Force, to accomplish their goals. The Microcosmic Force, is an energy of love, and of interaction, and trust, by trusting your feelings. Remember: feelings only work in answers, never in questions; the brain is used to question, and question authority, by each of us, to our declared goal.

Jedi, Jedi Knights, and Dream Dancers, all work with the Microcosmic Force, on an interactive basis, because the Microcosmic Force, isn’t a single force, but is made up of life energy wholes and fulls, thus the Microcosmic Force in an interactive force, which acts from their own inner guide, thus this force isn’t a single, whole, full, but is made up of differing size wholes/fulls, each working out of their own only act they can do to be true to themselves.

This creates a multiple force, which is only a force of singularity, from when each Microcosmic Force whole or full, acts in the only way they can act to be true to themselves, and they move to this true, and all the other wholes/fulls, feel their movement, and either work with the origin whole/full, or not, depending on their trust of their feelings.

The Valiant Heart, then is one who trust their feelings, who act in the only way they can act to be true to themselves, and one, which does good in life and death. Death is a psychological believe it or not; we as Jedi, Jedi Knights and Dream Dancers, we work to end our death cycles, and live in the world, and outside of it, to work through the death drive or cultural need, so we can live here and now, for as long as the Universe survives, and far, far, far, far beyond it.

We network, within ourselves, with other wholes/fulls, but only when our trust in our feelings, okay the touch/contact between the two or more parties. We watch or feel the true movements of others; we either look at it or not. We’re the captain of our own ship; we act in the only way we can act to be true to ourselves.

Thus, the Microcosmic Force is an interacting, feeling movements, from any of the other wholes/fulls, but only within the light of it working with us, on a here and now basis, and an okayness, with when our feelings, have us let go, and go on the path right and true for us.

An example of this, is when people go to a party, and clics, form, or the person stays with a group, until, they feel its time to go on and get involved in another party group, or to go, and sit in solitude, while watching the rest of the party members, smooze and make contacts, for business, or personal growth and orientation.

The Valiant Heart is courageous, trust in their own feelings, act in the only way they can act to be true to themselves ( found by trusting their feelings ), along with determination, insight, moving by trusting your feelings, and to work to be able to create a safety net around yourself, which others can pick up, and express in their own way.

May the Microcosmic Force interact with you, always!

# 12 Pyrope

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson 2015

Pyrope is a detainer of peyote, it nullifies the effects of peyote, when its near it. It keeps peyote’s magical qualities in check, and yet, this can allow the user to focus down on one aspect of the experience they’re having.

Pyrope is a Selector, allowing the user of peyote, to select the experience they want, even when under the influence of peyote.

Natural Pyrope is a blender, and is not good to use with peyote, for it has a tendency to water down the experience.

# 57 Borrower becomes Hijacker

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Humans have twisted ways of seeing things, from their perspective, and this can mean a good deed, for them, they turn into why should I do anything in return.

The best way to see this is, when a friend, or acquaintance asks to borrow money, because their short, they don’t have a payment, etc.. If you loan them money, for any reason, and expect it to be returned, you can’t afford to do it, so don’t. Saying No, is a great way, to show yourself, you respect you, you respect your money, and you respect the other person, so they don’t get in the resenting stage of having to pay the money back.

This isn’t to say a borrower won’t pay the money back, some will, many won’t and you’ll have to get angry, etc., and eventually, lose the friendship, over you being seen, as the banker, and your friend, as the hero of the scenario.

Bankers are seen as money grubbers, money grabbers, and all sorts of negative epithets, the borrower feels, when forced to repay money they borrowed, with their money their getting now.

So learn to say NO, if you expect the loan to be repaid, you obviously can’t afford to loan the money out. Say no, and don’t give in, to the poor me, victimization, the borrower will tell you to get you to loan the money.

What you do for money, means you work for it; don’t give it up so easily.. Say NO, if you want it back, and expect the other person to feel the same way you do.

Now, another rule- Money is not the root of all evil- the person who wants it to the point, where they will do anything for it, is the root of all evil, but they can learn to treat money, with the respect it serves, as a piece of art placed upon paper, standing for amount, which may be fully backed, but in today’s world, this is laughable, for no currency is fully backed, and the United States Currency has gone down to 27 cents or less, as it allows its currency to float against other countries currency, so giving a better sales message to those who want to get goods cheaper, than those currencies, which have a higher rate of backing.

Economics is a floating game of figuring what the fantasy features, academic games of economic math, show- if the world economic is good or bad. Kinda like a shill game, in which, you think the pea is under one of the shells, but in reality, it’s off the board, all together.

This means that all productions, products, etc., are not given their true worth, but only what the economic scene is at, at time, of selling or buying. This means, either you don’t have enough, or you made a killing by shilling another party.

The World Bank, World Trade, banks all over the world, and stock markets, are in fact a giant enterprise of gambling, over who can get the best deal, by shilling the seller. The seller tries to shill the buyer, into buying, for more than its worth, thus making a killing of their own.

All this means, is that world economics, is a shill game, and sometimes, it gets caught with its pants down, and can destroy, hurt or mangle country currencies, to the point, where the other parties have to bail them out, for the game needs all the countries to participate, but they charge a bundle of interest, for doing so. The country goes further in debt, without the proper amount, for its currency, and must do what the lenders want, austerity, loans paid back, really the loans are given to the creditors, so the countries see none, or little of it, and the citizens of those countries rise up and demonstrate against the thieves of the World, who take their money, from their children, and their mouths, to get billions of dollars, etc., and still leave the country totally stricken, and reeling, from currency starvation..

This fantasy, world economics game, has to grow continuously, or it falls back, feeding upon itself, so countries, have to grow by any means necessary, to keep their heads above water, and if they don’t, the sharks are waiting to tear them apart.

We need a new way of living, and taking away the control the wealthy and the corporations have, and living within the product value of what we produce. Credit is the bane of existence, and has to be brought to bear, in low interest credit, without adjustable rates, causing borrowers to have to go into bankruptcies, to get out from under the credit, available to them, as the credit companies, try to get them to take more and more cards.

On top of this the credit companies, got the US Congress, or rather the richman’s house and senate of the wealthy, to keep those, who use credit from going into bankruptcy, and got a 40 billion gift, by doing so.

Bankruptcy is needed to allow, those who fall for the false words of the credit company, to be able to get back on track, and the credit companies lose, thus keep them in check as well.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

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