(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Humans have twisted ways of seeing things, from their perspective, and this can mean a good deed, for them, they turn into why should I do anything in return.

The best way to see this is, when a friend, or acquaintance asks to borrow money, because their short, they don’t have a payment, etc.. If you loan them money, for any reason, and expect it to be returned, you can’t afford to do it, so don’t. Saying No, is a great way, to show yourself, you respect you, you respect your money, and you respect the other person, so they don’t get in the resenting stage of having to pay the money back.

This isn’t to say a borrower won’t pay the money back, some will, many won’t and you’ll have to get angry, etc., and eventually, lose the friendship, over you being seen, as the banker, and your friend, as the hero of the scenario.

Bankers are seen as money grubbers, money grabbers, and all sorts of negative epithets, the borrower feels, when forced to repay money they borrowed, with their money their getting now.

So learn to say NO, if you expect the loan to be repaid, you obviously can’t afford to loan the money out. Say no, and don’t give in, to the poor me, victimization, the borrower will tell you to get you to loan the money.

What you do for money, means you work for it; don’t give it up so easily.. Say NO, if you want it back, and expect the other person to feel the same way you do.

Now, another rule- Money is not the root of all evil- the person who wants it to the point, where they will do anything for it, is the root of all evil, but they can learn to treat money, with the respect it serves, as a piece of art placed upon paper, standing for amount, which may be fully backed, but in today’s world, this is laughable, for no currency is fully backed, and the United States Currency has gone down to 27 cents or less, as it allows its currency to float against other countries currency, so giving a better sales message to those who want to get goods cheaper, than those currencies, which have a higher rate of backing.

Economics is a floating game of figuring what the fantasy features, academic games of economic math, show- if the world economic is good or bad. Kinda like a shill game, in which, you think the pea is under one of the shells, but in reality, it’s off the board, all together.

This means that all productions, products, etc., are not given their true worth, but only what the economic scene is at, at time, of selling or buying. This means, either you don’t have enough, or you made a killing by shilling another party.

The World Bank, World Trade, banks all over the world, and stock markets, are in fact a giant enterprise of gambling, over who can get the best deal, by shilling the seller. The seller tries to shill the buyer, into buying, for more than its worth, thus making a killing of their own.

All this means, is that world economics, is a shill game, and sometimes, it gets caught with its pants down, and can destroy, hurt or mangle country currencies, to the point, where the other parties have to bail them out, for the game needs all the countries to participate, but they charge a bundle of interest, for doing so. The country goes further in debt, without the proper amount, for its currency, and must do what the lenders want, austerity, loans paid back, really the loans are given to the creditors, so the countries see none, or little of it, and the citizens of those countries rise up and demonstrate against the thieves of the World, who take their money, from their children, and their mouths, to get billions of dollars, etc., and still leave the country totally stricken, and reeling, from currency starvation..

This fantasy, world economics game, has to grow continuously, or it falls back, feeding upon itself, so countries, have to grow by any means necessary, to keep their heads above water, and if they don’t, the sharks are waiting to tear them apart.

We need a new way of living, and taking away the control the wealthy and the corporations have, and living within the product value of what we produce. Credit is the bane of existence, and has to be brought to bear, in low interest credit, without adjustable rates, causing borrowers to have to go into bankruptcies, to get out from under the credit, available to them, as the credit companies, try to get them to take more and more cards.

On top of this the credit companies, got the US Congress, or rather the richman’s house and senate of the wealthy, to keep those, who use credit from going into bankruptcy, and got a 40 billion gift, by doing so.

Bankruptcy is needed to allow, those who fall for the false words of the credit company, to be able to get back on track, and the credit companies lose, thus keep them in check as well.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!