(c) Terry Floyd Johnson ( Zoua ), 2015

Opals, as a network, are strong, powerful, but have a flaw, where they lack courage to finish up something they’re working on. This can be solved, by always using opals, on a color, by towel, scarf, etc..

Precious Opals are for the heart, where it strengthens, each person’s heart, and helps keep disease, away from this important organ, in our bodymind.

Precious Opals, naturally work in networking, with others, who network together, in a here and now, methodology. This is a natural talent, Precious Opals have, but they don’t work with all gems and diamonds, so you have to put them together on a color, and see if they work together or fight each other. If they fight each other, then list the gem your using as a nonusable, with Precious Opals.

Precious Opals are great, for here and now courage, or extra courage, when dealing with traumatic events, or heatbroken men, women or children, it allows them to get through this pain/hurt/attack against their natural way of being.

Precious Opals can be placed in the bedroom, to strengthen sexual and romantic movements, as well as, let us be in our feelings, rather in our mind. Sex and opals go hand and hand, they strengthen, all involved, to reach love, orgasms, or truth.

Precious Opals, are not to be used for long term, they won’t serve, you for long periods, Precious Opals, are for short term help, but can be made a helper longer, by changing the color your using.

What color works best with Precious Opals- blue, yellow, and sometimes red; green, fights Precious Opals, at all times. Sometimes, you can handle this, by placing two or more colors together, which feel right, when you put them together. This is for extremely short periods, never for long term.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!