(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Onyx is a valuable companion, in the journey of life, it’s called the Sorcerer’s Stone, and is a great magic stone, but more important, it works to help the sorcerer, and others, to accomplish their goals.

Onyx is best used in small pieces, unless a great act in the world, is to be done, by the sorcerer, then feel the size needed, and don’t go beyond that size, for then Onyx, will not stay stable, but will go crazy, attacking the sorcerer, and anything else around,

Onyx is the stone of bodymind protection, from attacks, verbal attacks, world attacks, and etc.. Again, if you are going to have it on your person, small pieces are better, but trust your feelings, about the size needed, but small is stronger than larger.

Why is this so, because larger means that the energy of the Onyx, is spread out and not as tight to use, as smaller pieces, who focus and do what the sorcerer wants to accomplish. This rock isn’t just for sorcerers, but you must have an understanding of bio-energy, and how lei lines are affected/effected by this gem, for if you don’t, it works against you, rather than for you.

Onyx- a gemstone of Protection!