(c) Terry Floyd Johnson ( Zoua ), 2015

Tourmalene is the eye of myst; meaning it is the way to create a mystical doorway, to realms, not known, or known, but not being able to get to them.

Toumalene is the gem of mystical travel; it won’t do it for you, but it will help you, or not.

Tourmalene is one of the gems, of the staff of Odin; though you would not look at it, for it seems so much less, than the other gems, in Odin’s staff. It is, however, a very powerful, mystical, and sharing gem, but only to those who respect the mystical realms, the dimensional realms and etc.

Tourmalene, is also used, by those wishing to get pregnant, and to have a spiritual child, to see that this happens.

Tourmalene is the guide to spiritual writings, actions, creativeness, subconscious, and the action of doing within mystical actions.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you in your Mystical Strivings!