(c) Terry Floyd Johnson (Zoua), 2015

Pure Corundum, is a spicy gem, which means it is most favorable, and active, in the helping in the energy of cooking, making and most important thinking, and research, meaning it is a depth gem into new and exciting ways to make food, and the equipment to make the food, desserts, etc.

Pure Corundum, also, is good, when used in correlation with pearl(s), in that the pearls, being organic, helps focus this gem, on the cook, chef, researcher, and goodness, for those who eat what is designed, by Pure Corundum.

Pure Corundum is also good as a help in the bathroom, to help keep the energy nice, clean and pure, it can be used with potpourri, in small amounts.

Wash in cold water, daily, for the best effect, but this gem works in its space, even if left unwashed, for months, but this is not recommended.