(c) Terry Floyd Johnson ( Zoua), 2015

What is a Hero? What is needed to be done to reach Hero status? Who says a person is a Hero? What levels of Hero exists, if any? Why do we need Heros? Are they like comic book characters, or film actors, and the roles they play?

All of the above are great questions; the answer is there is not just one level of Hero; there are several. Why do we need Heroes, because it helps us the find within us; the idea of being a Hero, even if we don’t realize that action’ it lies within us, ready to spring forth.

Everyone has the capability to be a Hero; those who make it, do so by doing those things out of the ordinary, everyday actions, and those who do so- within ordinary actions- by being an example, of the best in the social grace, of working, raising a family, and being a pillar of the community; whatever that community is and does, as long as it helps the community grow, stay safe, and works with others to protect everyone within the community..

Heroes in comics, films, etc., are usually superheroes, and always win, because not only their hero powers, but because they’re needed to continue the hero status, of every comic and film superhero; building within the reader, an idea, and a glow, of ” I can be a hero, too “, Why does this help the reader or the viewer; it goes into his/her subconscious ( we will talk more about the role of subconscious, in a person’s life }, and the unconscious in a person’s everyday lie, and creative drive. It shows how to win over adversaries; and those, who would do crimes against the community, thus rooting heroism, in service of the community, world and its members.

Heroes, are normal people, who do extraordinary actions; sometimes the person is the hero, because they don’t take action, and create peace, instead of competitive violence.

Heroes come at all levels of living; anyone can be an hero, if they accomplish that which is seen by themselves, and of those outside of themselves, as heroic in nature, and those who recognize the heroic action, give them the greatness due to them, for doing that, which is out of the ordinary.

Sometimes, a person does an heroic act, and doesn’t tell anyone, but knows within their heart, and that is enough.

Peace is created within; and only exists when acted upon/created by the person’s choice to do that which is seen as a stone of Peace, and guidance, for others, to build peace within themselves, to.

Peace is not a cessation of violence, in armies, etc.; that is a lull, or a negotiated settlement, and isn’t peace at all.

PS: Before we look at the levels of Heroism, we’re going to look at the subconscious and unconscious, both of which are valuable aspects of the whole being of people, etc

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!