(c) Terry Floyd Johnson ( Zoua )

When doing my affirmations, I always said- Microcosmic Consciousness, Microcosmic Highest Consciousness, subconscious, and unconscious, make up each of our consciousness. However, in practice, most people equate subconscious and unconscious; they’re exchangeable by most folk, however, I’ve discovered, first by just having a feeling that my subconscious, was an independent aspect of my consciousness, and secondly, that it is a very powerful, and energy focus, keeping me in old ways, rather than replacing a code, with a more true one, to make our lives easier, and more productive. .

What do I mean, its a aspect in itself, and must be seen and worked with it, just as I do, with the other aspects, of my consciousness.

In a learning mood, I started looking, more in depth, into hypnosis, and I stumbled upon David Snyder’s teaching hypnosis, and Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP.

I started listening to his online tapes, when he said, the reason we have a subconscious. The subconsciousness is the coding of your beliefs, learned behaviors, memories, etc.. The subconsciousness, then- is what we think/feel about the environment, social networking, belief system, and keeping the things, within the subconsciousness, as top dog, when the person may want to transform a belief, a new understanding  or new action.

This is known as the dedicated aspect, to seeing, or rather overseeing, any attack, threatening the sole authority of each batch code running defenses/offensives, learned behavior, remembered memories, new memories ( regulated to not change any coding within the person’s belief syster ), etc., so we react to our world, etc., by subconsciousness demand, any new information, conform to the coding already in place, to judge the information by.

People complain- they work on themselves, and they have to break through, pre-existing beliefs, hidden beliefs, and core sampling if it conforms to codes, within the already activation codes, filtering information through the code banks, of personal beliefs of the person, as well as, learned behaviors, we see as good for us. We fight to protect, these iron coded codes, no matter that, we know its a better processing code, than what is already coded, within the subconsciousness.

On a psychic level, when we want to do an action, which is either already coded in the subconscious, or is outside the subconsciousness, the subconscious filters it, and if not within the prescribed code(s), it doesn’t work, or the energy, to produce this transformation of the codes, to the new overriding information. is canned, and shipped out, with nothing done, which was/is wanted to produce the action. In other words, the subconscious is the arbitrator of what happens, or what doesn’t, because it crosses the original belief, behavior of the person’s, investment in; the person’s has already decided upon action to take, if new information, tries to transform the already, mindset, belief set, of the subconsciousness, its a no go operation and decision.

When a person does something automatically, a learned behavior, already coded in the subconscious, accepts or refuses to allow it to come in as new knowledge, replacing the old code, for the person, found a better way of handling these situations.

Each of us has a total investment in our beliefs, learned behavior, memories, knowledge already known, so we don’t give up the old codes easily, this is the work of freeing ourselves, from muscular armor ( Reich, Wilhelm ), to symbols the body makes to handle new information- shown to us, through Alexander Lowen- Bioenergetics. It can be seen in how we move, in ways already learned, rather taking up a new way, which hasn’t been proven.

This correlates to sciences dependence upon paradigms- when new knowledge comes out; it doesn’t change scientists minds, until, it has been filtered, through independent scientific, experimentation, to see if others get the same result.

We don’t give up on our beliefs/learned behaviors/intuition actions, for we have too much investment of time, energy, and connecting it to the belief/learned behavior wheel of the subconscious. We trust our wheel of the subconscious; and will refuse to give it up, to the depth of investment, we have in it.

Our beliefs/learned behaviors, are our way of seeing and filtering, our human actions to the outside environment, and the internal beliefs, we live our life by, as well as, the things we accept from learned behavior. We don’t want to look foolish, for accepting a false belief, whether learned or perceive within ourselves, as a truth, we can keep in our code bank, and only, when its forced upon us, the way we see this or any action, so we have to see the investment in the new kid on the block, a greater benefit, or return, than the old code could do for us.

All therapies, are methods of working with the person, to show its all right to replace old code, with new information ones, which make our lives happier, and more in tune with the mundane, and the spiritual.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You, here and now!