(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua )

Last time, we talked about the subconscious, holder of all your beliefs, codes, and etc..

Today, we’re going to talk about the unconscious; just what is the unconscious? A very good question, and as in everything else in spirituality, we can know our unconscious upon its physical face, but there’s much more we cannot see..

The unconscious is the holder of information, the push to do something, it believes, will be good for you, it handles,  some physical operations, for the bodymind, so the bodymind is free to focus on growth, etc..

To get to the unconscious, we can use hypnosis, self-hypnosis, meditation, movements, feelings, and more. The unconscious is a hard worker, for you, and allows you to breathe, etc., without having to think about it. Your free to do other things, like: move the bodymind, research, educate yourself, interact with the world and others, play, amuse yourself, find a mate, and so on.

The unconscious is the library of what you see, do, read, watch, and feel. It is also the recorder, of what ETs, do to you, use you for, and etc..

What do you mean use you for?

Every human being on planet Earth, is a holder of information, from the Great Library; this is the accumulation of knowledge and actions, of subjects worth imprinting, and even those, which they feel isn’t necessary, is put away, within the recesses of the unconscious.

The unconscious sees things, that the human eye, or feelings, may miss, this is especially true of subliminal marketing, where pictures are put into the ad, usually sex, wealth, etc., which makes the watcher want to buy it, or drives him/her to buy it. The unconscious sees these things, even if your eyes don’t.

These unseen/seen images, are cataloged within the subconscious, as code, to be used to make you move in the direction of buying the product.

One ad, which one isn’t necessary to know, has a woman with her legs apart, wearing clothes, but in front of her, directly in front of her open legs, is the picture of a man blowing into her crotch. You won’t see it, but your unconscious will, and your subconscious will put code in itself, to drive you to do what is best for the products, buy them, or the watcher, becomes a client of the product, so they’re conditioned to buy the products, the hidden icons, sexual, etc., impulses, draws, etc., to them.

This replaces- what the advertisers/marketing copywriters/artists, did to make the product look appetizing, a good element, within the total picture of the ad, or the commercials.Advertisers and Marketing use to send subliminal messages, within our cultural needs and operations.

The unconscious holds the image compressed, of the actual event, but sends a copy to the subconscious, for it to break down in code, and place within the coding, already there.

The unconscious is very powerful, for it can make the person, that it’s a reflection of, to go to, to understand new developments and actions, the ads want to convey to its audience. .

It holds memories the actual action, and can be seen as a film, of the sequence, it imprints it on the no end, processing of the unconscious.

The unconscious is a very necessary aspect of our total being, but it’s a service, which the being, creates, to do things automatically, or/and to work-out solutions, with your dreams, to whatever will be best for you.

The problem is what it sees as best for you, and shows in a dream, isn’t necessarily what’s truly best for you, In other words it can be fooled, and manipulated, but this goes away, when the person trust their feelings.

Individual feelings are the most effective way, of making sure, everything is in working solution, order.

Feelings work in answers; never in questions.

Your unconscious and your subconscious, ask questions, and looks, for the solution of their problems, rationally and rationally emotive, both of which are very limited.

By asking questions, the subconscious and the unconscious, draw upon learned behavior and thought, known within each one’s thinking and emotionally driven, to first find the question you want to find a solution for, and through rational thinking, and rational emotive, see the answers, or at least, the ones the person emotionally/rationally think is the best solution, to their question.

This is the methods of philosophy, cultural expectation of the individual, psychology, sociology, math, literature, and so on.

In our daily experiencing, we train ourselves, to feel, and to trust those feelings, as the true answer. If it isn’t, then the person, allows their mind to work them, and to show the person- see, reason is better.

Experiencing the world, needs interactive cultural awareness, but in gaining understanding, trust your feelings, you win hands down.

Does this mean we never use our reasoning gifts, as well as, our, emotions; definitely not, reason and emotion have their parts to play in the total living in the environment, or to us Outside. Reason helps us to use things already learned, without thinking about them, again, you do these type of things automatically. Reason is a mate to the subconscious.

Emotions delivered in a rational way, are like comets, a new thought comes into our minds, and takes up an orbit, within the mind, and depending on its emotional quotient, starts to draw to itself, ( as one valued enough, to want it to stick around ),  life energy, with the help of your rational emotive responses.

This is shown within, the coding of the subconscious, when it has enough energy to balance out with the rest of our being. What creates the coding, and unconscious decision about it. We can call this aspect of our being, self, translation consciousness.

To keep the experience, the energy draws, within our awareness, the images, audio, etc., are broken down into codes by the translation consciousness, double- sending one code to the subconscious, and another, with images, etc., in tack. Many times, it will send the code to the unconscious, to be stored, until needed.

The unconscious is where we go, when we do hypnosis, self-hypnosis, meditation, learning, growing, and interactive pursuits.

It draws upon its own recorded energy data banks, and code backups, of the subconscious daily usage codes.

May the Microcosmic Force Blessings be with You always!