(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua )

Rose Quartz is a gem, which takes the odors, of negativity, crimes, hoarders, etc., and turns them into helpful action, for each of the above and more.

Rose Quartz is a drawer; rather than a generator, so it functions best, when in the center of active gems, or particular crystals, but these must be chosen carefully, and intuition used to guide the person, who wants to use this gem, because if it is overpowered, it turns to a drawer of hot negativity, and can cause the user, all kinds of problems.

This gem is good for putting on pain spots, and left on there for only a short time, takes some, if not all the pain away.

It is cousin to crystals, so it works in similar ways, and is a good gem to have around the kitchen, and the dining room, to bring in all kinds of positive energy.