Albite is a gem, when cut, is a connector, rather than works for itself, but in certain conditions, it can be a stand alone gem, who is very powerful, when white in color, and extremely open, when clear.

Natural Albite, before being cut, no matter the color, or no color, is a gemstar, and utilizes the stars to create, a power point, of great magnitude. Don’t try to use it alone, always use rocks, which are circular, in a rectangle, for Earth Magic, or in a circle, for Universe Magic.

Albite, loves fashions, rock and roll, new age music and lifestyle, so Hippies can handle this gem cut or natural, to add to their wisdom, and to discover or find the right cut gem, or natural gem, that they’re in harmony with.

Albite, is a gem, which is very much a 60’s/70’s gem, for the hippie movement, drew it to help foster and grow the love of music, free love, meditation, and homespun living, as well as naked living.

Don’t keep Albite in the house, for it’s an outside power, which needs to be in the open, to be able to work with the majestic lines of the Microcosmic Force, in the Universe and Beyond, with the skill of a full blown Energy Maker.