(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua )

America is the land of prudes, who want to censor anything that smacks of sex, inappropriate messages, sex on networks, sex channels available to adults, sex between adults, sexual encounters, porn, etc.

I was going up to Elysium, a clothing optional retreat, in the 70’s, and one time I was enjoying my nakedness, in the open, beautiful retreat, I started talking to a woman, who said she was a censor for TV, what could or could not be shown on TV. This woman was naked, enjoying the retreat as I was.

A man came up, she knew, with a huge hard on, she told him he might get kicked out, for having the hard on. They went in together into the rooms, where those wanting to have sex, could do in private, and not bother others.

Later, they came out, all happy, with the lovemaking, they had just enjoyed. Yet this woman, worked as a censor, for TV, as a censor, of what is all right, for the viewing public to see, or not see.

The United States is known for its prudishness, it’s religious fervor, to make sure the human body is not seen on TV; they try to do the same, for movies, but their results have been unsuccessful, for sex, and nakedness is still a huge part in Hollywood, and anywhere, where films are made.

Porn is another thorn in the side of the religious, but also, with women, who feel they’re simply using women as sex objects, which carries over to how men treat their wives, girlfriends, etc.

Porn is a choice to watch or not; others feel they need to make this decision for the person, and try to rope the government into passing laws against movies, etc., who use sex to help bring interest to their movies.

These groups, don’t even think, about the censorship, they’re trying to create, is worse, than what they want the government to regulate. Censorship is never good, and trying to control naked living, with laws, etc., goes against the law of free speech.

Porn has an audience, and that audience, wants to see hot men and women, make love, live out their fantasies, and allow men and women to get themselves over the top of their sexual adventure. Porno is a viable business, and those who star in them, do so willingly, when working for honest makers and distributors, but if these outfits, try to force women or men into doing porno, by threatening them, etc., this isn’t a porn problem, but a criminal problem.

Those who feel their way of life, way of seeing life, is better than someone else’s, and who try to force them to go by their rules, are worse than criminals, because they see their way of seeing life, as superior to others, thus they want their worldview, to be able to be viewed by them, no matter, where  they are.,

A lot of those, who say they’re disgusted at- the naked men and women in clothing-optional, nudist camps, etc.., and who make complaints against the nakedness of others, do so, by looking through telescopes, etc. to be able to see just what is going on, so they can be offended, and call the police.

Nakedness is not a crime, its a wonderful way to be, inside and outside;, to be totally naked outside, where you’re allowing yourself a sense of freedom, not found, by wearing clothes, or swimsuits.

Nakedness is a fashion statement, and should be allowed, as any other fashion, people wear or not wear, to express themselves, and to enjoy the wonderful feelings of being naked, inside or outside, and with the presence of others, who are enjoying their own freedom of expression.

Nude therapy has been around since the 60’s, where having those who want to have an encounter, or a group adventure, be naked, so there is no relying on wealth,  etc.., to try to intimidate others, by flaunting, their wealth, position, etc..

Nude beaches have been around, for the same amount of time; the public religious, etc. are trying, and have been trying, to close all of them, even when the beaches, are where they don’t want to go to, for themselves. Naked living is an adult way to enjoy yourself, others, and nature.

However, nude living, isn’t just for adults, children, too, enjoy going naked, with others, and in a beautiful environment, or at the beach, for they simply enjoy the full freedom of going naked.

Make going naked, part of your arsenal, of living the way you want to live, or as a fashion, you wear, when wanting to be free of clothes, and all the attachments, that go along with it.

Happy Naked Life!

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!