# 22 Hessonite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Hessonite must be used with other gemstones, to work positively, it is considered a storing base, which allows the other gemstone, to work with pureness and brilliance.

Hessonite, when used around children, becomes a doorway, for the child to know themselves, and if they do this well, can produce amazing results.

Hessonite is a healing gemstone, in that ,because of its weakness, the problem goes into it, and replaces the weakness, the problem can’t help but go into the Hessontie, because the Hessonite, makes sure it does, it is a mighty healing agent, for children, but not adults.

Once the problem goes into the Hessonite, take it outside, with a hammer object, and crush the Hessonite, which is pleased to have this done to it, for in the shards, comes the fires of blessings, and the wise person, takes these shards up, and takes them inside, and fills a bowl with ice-cold water, and puts the shards, in the cold water, adding ice, as necessary, to keep the ice water cold.

Do not store in an icebox or a freezer; it can be stored, in an ice chest, with ice put all around it. Keep it in ice, for seven days, then take it out, put the shards in a blue silk scarf, and keep them around you for another seven days. The shards are tuned to you, and will work, for you daily, and can be used to read the future for someone, who throws them down, to allow the shards to go where they may.

The shards can be used to create a great energy field, around something you want done, write what it is down, and place it in a plate, and put it in the sunlight, and also in the moonlight.

Always use blessing with this, saying it before you put them in the plate, for the plate, then the energy generator, and finally, of the shards themselves.

Keep this plate in the sunlight and moonlight,t for three days, then pick up the energy generator, and go outside and bury it in the dirt, it has to be in loose dirt; followed by washing the shards in ice-cold water, and the plate as well.

After four days, you can remove the energy generator, and throw it away, the Earth Magic is already at work.

# 58 Home is where the here and now is

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 (Zoua; the OutRyder )

How can we the best we can be, in our home, in our town and in the country?

First, keep your home as you want your work; messy is okay, as long as there’s a rhyme and reason about it, so you know where things are, even if it looks as if a bomb went off in your home.

Second, be here and now, so you appreciate what you have, and forget about looking, for greener pastures.

Third, you need to find out, are you a kidnapee or are you a ” Freshie “. What this means, is you must find out if you’re an ET Kidnapee or you’re a ” Freshie ” , who hasn’t been picked up by the ETs, but when those who have, come back, you are infected with knowledge,it then, is  stored within you;you’re an aspect of the Great Library.

How are you infected with this knowledge? Simple, by nano and micro bots, going from the kidnapee, to you, and the bots, go into you, then dump the knowledge within you. You carry this knowledge, unknowingly, but if you find out about it, you can draw up this knowledge to look at it  yourself.

The bots going into ” Freshies ” know this,so they put a perma block in your mind, with a monster, your worse fear, as the gatekeeper, to keep you from looking into this knowledge bank, and being able to draw upon it, and understand what you’re reading, or feeling.

The ETs, care nothing at all, if they cause you psychological problems, on a daily basis, because of this knowledge, and those safeguards, placed within you, so you won’t try to remember the knowledge bank within you.

Can anyone remember these knowledge banks; only ” Freshies “, and they have to go through blocks and their worse fear, to try to bring this knowledge bank up, into their everyday lives.

The ETs are sneaky, within the knowledge bank is a security worm, which if you try to bring the knowledge up, it will, cause you to black out, and not remember, what you were trying to do; this worm is called ” black out “.

There are ” Freshies ” and there are ” Dangos “; and as you might figure, Dangos are quiet different than Freshies, the knowledge held within them, is deadly, and they are literally time bombs, for they can be turned off, and be turned on. They will do what they’re programmed to do, and won’t remember a thing, after it’s all over.

Dangos could be anyone, any position, any place, any authority, and so on. Dangos are the ones, hurt the most by ETs mental programming, for within those Dangos, is a killer circuit, if this is turned on, the Dango will explode, from within outward.

They sometime explode a Dango; just to make the human population fearful it could happen to them. It won’t, unless they’re a Dango, and only, then, when they are seen to be in a position, to have the inner explosion, create fear in the humans, who are afraid it could happen to them.

The third bots, found within humans are the Mentats, these bots, cause the person to become a vegetable, or go into a coma, and cause symptoms like human diseases. This usually means the person is no longer able to function as a whole human being, but lives like a ” poor thing “, who has lost the ability to be herself, in society, so she or he is usually found within locked hospital floors.

The fourth and final bots, are the genius providers, which allows a human to be a genius, in only one area. and that area, has significance to the ETs, who then work the human, They are only a genius, in that one area, where the ETs post problems, and the human gives answers in their area of expertise.

Humans have no idea which category they fall under, and won’t even after coming back from ETs, usage.

However, there are humans, who have the power to see these bots, and neutralize them. They’re found, within Rowdies Rangers, and are especially trained to do this. They can also destroy the bots and the worm, before it can move to kill the person.

There are billions of Rowdies Rangers, and are those races, the ETs consider  to be primitives. These primitives are beating them in the Universe War, going on right now. The ETs are fuming with rage, that primitives could be causing them so much trouble.

If you want to know which group you fall in, or if you’ve been infected at all, learn to trust your feelings, and either ask the question to yourself, or have another ask the question, this last usually works best.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!

# 21 Platinum-Extension B

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua/OutRyder )

Platinum is a ;gem of the ages, it is for helping finding things within your past, or use it to look into others past.

Platinum is also a future gem; it allows you to see, the problems, of your future, and how to handle your here and now, to make those problems shrink to nothingness.

Platinum flakes, placed on a wound will help it heal, but is not the healing agent, but a gem flake, which can cause the bodymind to process healing of the wound.

Platinum is deadly to roses, and the rose family; they hate each other, same with african violets. Keep them apart, or you will have severe anti-waves going on around you, and in your home.

Platinum is great for jewelry, which in turn, can be used to produce mystical answers, and calls.


Platinum is a very strong presence, and it will try to interfere with your breathing, and make you ill, for harvesting it; it hates to be harvested.

This is a gem, which you must meditate over, and find the way to work with it, by your vibration and its.

# 57 Are UFOS real; are ufo crashes just bad luck?

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua- OutRyder )

The age old question- are UFOs real- the answer is ” YES “.

How long have ETs been coming to Earth, and kidnapping humans, and taking them back to their Mother Ships; since the beginning of Time.

These kidnappings were to trace human RNA and DNA; over the centuries, and to watch how it reprogrammed itself, as human experience became more and more human.

They have the RNA/DNA of millions of people, and they return and match these new kidnapees, who are direct descendants of those they picked up before. Humans, began to look more like civilized species.

They were/are looking for the Gods DNA strain, which would allow them to become Gods, as well, it didn’t turn out in the way they hoped it would go. The RNA/DNA strands, were clear of the Gods chromosomes.

This was and is puzzling to the ETs, so they started a centuries old, quest to find the Gods gene, lying unused in the human bodymind.

To do this they kidnapped millions of humans, and took them back to the Mother Ships; other times, they just took samples of the human blood, ergo, the RNA/DNA of the person they preformed this medical procedure on.

They, then, took off from Earth, they didn’t want the Gods, to stop them, and take back all the blood, etc. samples they had taken. The Gods are very real; and extremely powerful, as the ETs found out, to their humiliation, when they tried to capture/kidnap a God, and the other Gods came together and stopped it, and saw to it, the ETs, didn’t take any more samples, for a century, they then turned their great minds to other problems in the Universe, for the Gods were/are like emissaries, of the whole primitives ( ETs call those they kidnap, and who can do nothing about it )races through all the galaxies in the Universe, and other Universes, as well.

They corrected problems, and if the ETs were being to active in any one planet, they would stop their visitation, for at least a century.

The ETs were obsessed with finding the God gene/string, and then, they would manufacture it, and all the ETs would become Gods, in their own right.

To this day this is what they’re trying to do, to become as strong as the Gods, thus will be able to do whatever they like.

However, it isn’t long, when ” Antasaaaaaa”, saw a hitch in that plan, for if the Universe ends; the Gods are aspects of the Universe and they would die to.

This was a shock to the ETs, but they found it to be valid, so they continued to try to find the GODs gene, but at the same time, they put their scientists to work to find the way, for them to survive, even if this Universe did not.

The other thing that bug the ETs was and is, they do not know who the Gods are; they only know they’re within the Human Race, as humans, to learn humility, love, passion, devotion, authenticity, and a contact sense of the human experience, they have, when they live like humans.

It means invariably, they would pick some of the Gods up, and they got the worse of the experience. The Gods would take them on, then go back to the Earth. leaving behind chaos, destruction and a sentence, over the ETs, they were not allowed to pick up humans, for a period of time.

This interaction, between the Gods and the ETs, continue, but the ETs have come up with a way to create bodies, for themselves, who can be indestructible, even in the Big Bang!

Rowdies Rangers have destroyed these labs, all over the Universe(s), and have destroyed waryards, war machine operations, intelligence agents and agencies, and so on.

Peace and Long Life!


The yearly Roswell, 4th of July,festival, is not only, the festival of the Roswell, New Mexico, ET/UFO crash, or crashes, this is a yearly operation.

However, there is another international conference going on at the same time- this is the conference of the Posiganay, or mini/nano bots, put on and in the Earth, every time a UFO crash, was found, and the military, didn’t even know they were carriers of these bots, who are so small, you need a powerful electronic microscope to see them.

You can, though, feel them, and what activities they’re contemplating and what choices they’re making- at this international conference.

The conference is held away from town, but they do go into town, and take a ride on the people, who come there, recording their experiences, via internal electronic bots cameras.

# 20 Prehnite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua )

Prehnite is a stringy gem, it works best with the hair, fur, on humans and animals. Yet it can be a great help, when a person gets a stringy invader in their bodies. In this light, Prehnite is ruthless; looking only at destroying the invader.

It can be strengthen, by putting water in a clear bowl, best, if no bowl available, then a clear glass, vase, etc., but double on the amount of Prehnite you use.

In its natural form, it is good for creative writing, art, and all the creative arts, as well as, helping bring  back a meditator, who is caught up in the experience, and not seeing, when it’s time to come back.

Keep Prehnite, in the room, and it will signal the person, its time to come back. Prehnite is friendly, but not in love, with life forms, so make sure you cleanse it in cold water, and dry it in a clean dry towel, before using again, along with changing the water, each time you use it.

Snakes hate it; as do all reptiles, they stay away from it, and hiss at it, when they run into it.

# 56 Date Rape, etc.

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua )

Date rape drugs are used, when a male, doesn’t want to woo the lady, but only sees her, as an object, and he can have her, by simply, drugging her. He can, then, get his rocks off, and the woman knows nothing about it, till she comes down, from the drug given to her, by this criminal male.

Date rape is a crime, you are using drugs on someone, who doesn’t know you’re giving them a drug, and conk out, still not knowing what’s happening. The male, then, has all the time in the world, and can have sex with her, without having to go by her limitations.

Date rape is unique, in that, the girl, is interested in the man, and goes out on a date with him, and he misuses his restraint, and lawful actions, and becomes the worse kind of crimina-l a rapist.

He may become a murderer, too, for women have died, after having been given a date rape drug.

Men think more of yourself; think more of the women, who are protected by law, from predators like you. Think twice, before destroying the relationship with a woman, who finds you interesting, and respect her rights, and her lawful voice of being able to say ” NO ” to her date.

Date rape men, see women as objects, as a means of satisfying their sexual urges, without any thought of what could come from the relationship, if he dates her, and grows in the relationship, so the two of them, see the value in their relationship, and take it to the next level, if both parties agrees, if not, then the male or female has to respect their love interest, and not dehumanize her or him, and get a date rape drug, to be able to get back at her, for not giving him. herself, for being a tease, etc..

This last is the way males, rationalize their behavior, for the woman owes him, for all that he has put into the relationship, or sees her as a desired object, but not a protected citizen, but a lamb for the taking.

Laws now protect the woman, who has had to go through the torturous sequence of being drugged and sexually violated, to give the criminal male what he wants, without giving the woman any choice, but simply to be a dehumanized victim.

Parents, circles of dating, etc., teach your children its all right, for them to say ” NO “, and for them to respect ” NO “, as well as, the anticipated- yes.

The woman, who has been date drug raped, is not the perpetrator of the act, but a victim of male domination, who has no boundaries, and has to be brought to justice.

Men have to change their view of women, as below them, as they should do what he wants, for the man is stronger than them, and if they don’t do what you want, then violence is okay, for the woman is at fault, for not following your orders, or is teasing you, and you make up, for your anger, by taking it out on the target of your affections.

If any woman, gets in a relationship with a violent man, who hits her, beats her, don’t stay- get out! There are many organizations, who will help you, don’t stay until you see the only way out is to get rid of him.

Men seem to believe they own the women they’re in a relationship with, that the woman owes him to listen to him as head of the family or the relationship; if she doesn’t, then threats, leading to violence, physical violence, and the man stepping out of lawful citizen, into the murky world of the criminal.

Don’t choose to become a criminal, respect all persons, including yourself, don’t try to devalue a woman by drugging her, and having your way with her. You are a criminal; you will be caught, and punished.

Women, once you’re away from the man, with your children, if you have any, don’t go back to the man, who was in your life, and turned you into a victim, rather than a partner in the relationship.

Microcosmic Force Blessings on Each of you!

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