(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua )

Prehnite is a stringy gem, it works best with the hair, fur, on humans and animals. Yet it can be a great help, when a person gets a stringy invader in their bodies. In this light, Prehnite is ruthless; looking only at destroying the invader.

It can be strengthen, by putting water in a clear bowl, best, if no bowl available, then a clear glass, vase, etc., but double on the amount of Prehnite you use.

In its natural form, it is good for creative writing, art, and all the creative arts, as well as, helping bring  back a meditator, who is caught up in the experience, and not seeing, when it’s time to come back.

Keep Prehnite, in the room, and it will signal the person, its time to come back. Prehnite is friendly, but not in love, with life forms, so make sure you cleanse it in cold water, and dry it in a clean dry towel, before using again, along with changing the water, each time you use it.

Snakes hate it; as do all reptiles, they stay away from it, and hiss at it, when they run into it.