(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua/OutRyder )

Platinum is a ;gem of the ages, it is for helping finding things within your past, or use it to look into others past.

Platinum is also a future gem; it allows you to see, the problems, of your future, and how to handle your here and now, to make those problems shrink to nothingness.

Platinum flakes, placed on a wound will help it heal, but is not the healing agent, but a gem flake, which can cause the bodymind to process healing of the wound.

Platinum is deadly to roses, and the rose family; they hate each other, same with african violets. Keep them apart, or you will have severe anti-waves going on around you, and in your home.

Platinum is great for jewelry, which in turn, can be used to produce mystical answers, and calls.


Platinum is a very strong presence, and it will try to interfere with your breathing, and make you ill, for harvesting it; it hates to be harvested.

This is a gem, which you must meditate over, and find the way to work with it, by your vibration and its.