(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua- OutRyder )

The age old question- are UFOs real- the answer is ” YES “.

How long have ETs been coming to Earth, and kidnapping humans, and taking them back to their Mother Ships; since the beginning of Time.

These kidnappings were to trace human RNA and DNA; over the centuries, and to watch how it reprogrammed itself, as human experience became more and more human.

They have the RNA/DNA of millions of people, and they return and match these new kidnapees, who are direct descendants of those they picked up before. Humans, began to look more like civilized species.

They were/are looking for the Gods DNA strain, which would allow them to become Gods, as well, it didn’t turn out in the way they hoped it would go. The RNA/DNA strands, were clear of the Gods chromosomes.

This was and is puzzling to the ETs, so they started a centuries old, quest to find the Gods gene, lying unused in the human bodymind.

To do this they kidnapped millions of humans, and took them back to the Mother Ships; other times, they just took samples of the human blood, ergo, the RNA/DNA of the person they preformed this medical procedure on.

They, then, took off from Earth, they didn’t want the Gods, to stop them, and take back all the blood, etc. samples they had taken. The Gods are very real; and extremely powerful, as the ETs found out, to their humiliation, when they tried to capture/kidnap a God, and the other Gods came together and stopped it, and saw to it, the ETs, didn’t take any more samples, for a century, they then turned their great minds to other problems in the Universe, for the Gods were/are like emissaries, of the whole primitives ( ETs call those they kidnap, and who can do nothing about it )races through all the galaxies in the Universe, and other Universes, as well.

They corrected problems, and if the ETs were being to active in any one planet, they would stop their visitation, for at least a century.

The ETs were obsessed with finding the God gene/string, and then, they would manufacture it, and all the ETs would become Gods, in their own right.

To this day this is what they’re trying to do, to become as strong as the Gods, thus will be able to do whatever they like.

However, it isn’t long, when ” Antasaaaaaa”, saw a hitch in that plan, for if the Universe ends; the Gods are aspects of the Universe and they would die to.

This was a shock to the ETs, but they found it to be valid, so they continued to try to find the GODs gene, but at the same time, they put their scientists to work to find the way, for them to survive, even if this Universe did not.

The other thing that bug the ETs was and is, they do not know who the Gods are; they only know they’re within the Human Race, as humans, to learn humility, love, passion, devotion, authenticity, and a contact sense of the human experience, they have, when they live like humans.

It means invariably, they would pick some of the Gods up, and they got the worse of the experience. The Gods would take them on, then go back to the Earth. leaving behind chaos, destruction and a sentence, over the ETs, they were not allowed to pick up humans, for a period of time.

This interaction, between the Gods and the ETs, continue, but the ETs have come up with a way to create bodies, for themselves, who can be indestructible, even in the Big Bang!

Rowdies Rangers have destroyed these labs, all over the Universe(s), and have destroyed waryards, war machine operations, intelligence agents and agencies, and so on.

Peace and Long Life!


The yearly Roswell, 4th of July,festival, is not only, the festival of the Roswell, New Mexico, ET/UFO crash, or crashes, this is a yearly operation.

However, there is another international conference going on at the same time- this is the conference of the Posiganay, or mini/nano bots, put on and in the Earth, every time a UFO crash, was found, and the military, didn’t even know they were carriers of these bots, who are so small, you need a powerful electronic microscope to see them.

You can, though, feel them, and what activities they’re contemplating and what choices they’re making- at this international conference.

The conference is held away from town, but they do go into town, and take a ride on the people, who come there, recording their experiences, via internal electronic bots cameras.