(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Hessonite must be used with other gemstones, to work positively, it is considered a storing base, which allows the other gemstone, to work with pureness and brilliance.

Hessonite, when used around children, becomes a doorway, for the child to know themselves, and if they do this well, can produce amazing results.

Hessonite is a healing gemstone, in that ,because of its weakness, the problem goes into it, and replaces the weakness, the problem can’t help but go into the Hessontie, because the Hessonite, makes sure it does, it is a mighty healing agent, for children, but not adults.

Once the problem goes into the Hessonite, take it outside, with a hammer object, and crush the Hessonite, which is pleased to have this done to it, for in the shards, comes the fires of blessings, and the wise person, takes these shards up, and takes them inside, and fills a bowl with ice-cold water, and puts the shards, in the cold water, adding ice, as necessary, to keep the ice water cold.

Do not store in an icebox or a freezer; it can be stored, in an ice chest, with ice put all around it. Keep it in ice, for seven days, then take it out, put the shards in a blue silk scarf, and keep them around you for another seven days. The shards are tuned to you, and will work, for you daily, and can be used to read the future for someone, who throws them down, to allow the shards to go where they may.

The shards can be used to create a great energy field, around something you want done, write what it is down, and place it in a plate, and put it in the sunlight, and also in the moonlight.

Always use blessing with this, saying it before you put them in the plate, for the plate, then the energy generator, and finally, of the shards themselves.

Keep this plate in the sunlight and moonlight,t for three days, then pick up the energy generator, and go outside and bury it in the dirt, it has to be in loose dirt; followed by washing the shards in ice-cold water, and the plate as well.

After four days, you can remove the energy generator, and throw it away, the Earth Magic is already at work.