(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 (Zoua; the OutRyder )

How can we the best we can be, in our home, in our town and in the country?

First, keep your home as you want your work; messy is okay, as long as there’s a rhyme and reason about it, so you know where things are, even if it looks as if a bomb went off in your home.

Second, be here and now, so you appreciate what you have, and forget about looking, for greener pastures.

Third, you need to find out, are you a kidnapee or are you a ” Freshie “. What this means, is you must find out if you’re an ET Kidnapee or you’re a ” Freshie ” , who hasn’t been picked up by the ETs, but when those who have, come back, you are infected with knowledge,it then, is  stored within you;you’re an aspect of the Great Library.

How are you infected with this knowledge? Simple, by nano and micro bots, going from the kidnapee, to you, and the bots, go into you, then dump the knowledge within you. You carry this knowledge, unknowingly, but if you find out about it, you can draw up this knowledge to look at it  yourself.

The bots going into ” Freshies ” know this,so they put a perma block in your mind, with a monster, your worse fear, as the gatekeeper, to keep you from looking into this knowledge bank, and being able to draw upon it, and understand what you’re reading, or feeling.

The ETs, care nothing at all, if they cause you psychological problems, on a daily basis, because of this knowledge, and those safeguards, placed within you, so you won’t try to remember the knowledge bank within you.

Can anyone remember these knowledge banks; only ” Freshies “, and they have to go through blocks and their worse fear, to try to bring this knowledge bank up, into their everyday lives.

The ETs are sneaky, within the knowledge bank is a security worm, which if you try to bring the knowledge up, it will, cause you to black out, and not remember, what you were trying to do; this worm is called ” black out “.

There are ” Freshies ” and there are ” Dangos “; and as you might figure, Dangos are quiet different than Freshies, the knowledge held within them, is deadly, and they are literally time bombs, for they can be turned off, and be turned on. They will do what they’re programmed to do, and won’t remember a thing, after it’s all over.

Dangos could be anyone, any position, any place, any authority, and so on. Dangos are the ones, hurt the most by ETs mental programming, for within those Dangos, is a killer circuit, if this is turned on, the Dango will explode, from within outward.

They sometime explode a Dango; just to make the human population fearful it could happen to them. It won’t, unless they’re a Dango, and only, then, when they are seen to be in a position, to have the inner explosion, create fear in the humans, who are afraid it could happen to them.

The third bots, found within humans are the Mentats, these bots, cause the person to become a vegetable, or go into a coma, and cause symptoms like human diseases. This usually means the person is no longer able to function as a whole human being, but lives like a ” poor thing “, who has lost the ability to be herself, in society, so she or he is usually found within locked hospital floors.

The fourth and final bots, are the genius providers, which allows a human to be a genius, in only one area. and that area, has significance to the ETs, who then work the human, They are only a genius, in that one area, where the ETs post problems, and the human gives answers in their area of expertise.

Humans have no idea which category they fall under, and won’t even after coming back from ETs, usage.

However, there are humans, who have the power to see these bots, and neutralize them. They’re found, within Rowdies Rangers, and are especially trained to do this. They can also destroy the bots and the worm, before it can move to kill the person.

There are billions of Rowdies Rangers, and are those races, the ETs consider  to be primitives. These primitives are beating them in the Universe War, going on right now. The ETs are fuming with rage, that primitives could be causing them so much trouble.

If you want to know which group you fall in, or if you’ve been infected at all, learn to trust your feelings, and either ask the question to yourself, or have another ask the question, this last usually works best.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!