# 26 Azurite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; OutRyder

Azurite is the gem of time travel, in which, the etheric double, can go back into the past, especially Egypt and the Nile, and the Roman Empire in the times of Jesus and the 12 disciples, others can be gone to, with added water in a clear bowl,, placed beside the gem.

Azurite is the gem of Truth; if you do not want to see the truth, of what you are reading on, don’t use it.

Always wash in cold water, after using, or a week if not being used.

Azurite is the India stone of exploration, insight and awareness of the spirituality of the user, and of the world & its populations.

Azurite can also be used to astral project out into the Universe, and travel to other planets, seeing ETs, on their home planets, or within the ships they live on, if they are “Traders. Along with this gem, you must put your protection gem, for travel in the astral planes, mean you can go to billions of astral planes, and all those upon these-, aren’t ,necessarily, your friend.

In fact, whatever you see in the astral planes, psychically look into twice, for when you look again; its hard for the plane dwellers, to keep up the illusion, that drew you to them, then leave.

Protect yourself with Microcosmic Force Crystal White Light, and Microcosmic Force Blessings!

# 62 Home is where the Telepathic Spirit wants to be

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Home is, where you are, within yourself, then you’re other homes are simply enhancements of your solid, knowing of yourself,, and your Telepathic Spirit.

Your first home is your bodymind; the symbiotic relationship between physical and spiritual or soul, made especially for this particular life time. However, many times the Spirit is looking on soul making, with rose-colored glasses, and puts into the soul, danger points, where life could be lost, or life can expand its awareness of itself.

The Spirit planes are the direct home, of all life forms, then in limited ways, comes the Soul ( a preplanned lifepath, to test out theories, have here and now experiences, and free will to decide what you want to do, will do, or won’t do.), ready to test out this new bodymind, and see how it treats the bodymind- healthy or not.

The lifepath danger points, and other points- preplanned life cycle, are there for you to explore, and make decisions about, or put yourself in actual danger, of the situation.

At the time, of the Symbiotic Joining, of soul and physical body, the life path points, along with the aspects, which the Soul, will put into the physical bodymind, any more and it would burn up the bodymind, so impression upon the bodymind’s mental,- physical, abilities, talents, skills, and ability to be honest with yourself, and the connection’s strength, is what makes the person, feel comfortable, in their bodies, or not.

This process creates a home atmosphere, so the symbiotic wholeness of the bodymind, is either strong or less strong, which can lead to an inability to see your bodymind as the home it’s truly is.

The bodymind is not your enemy; it’s, in fact, your friend and closest companion, and you have the responsiblity to take care of it, in the best way you can.

The mental, spiritual blessings your given, within your lifepath, you may utilize or not. It depends how secure you are within your home bodymind.

Your lifepath, is always working upon you, and your environments, so you become who you are with and against what your lifepath is demanding you to do.

You do not have to do what the lifepath demands you do, to fulfill the points created by the Spirit. However, just wishing to be able to make the lifepath point, from a mountain to a bump in the environment and within you, can b e done, but you have to go into your higher states of consciousness, which brings you into the ability to transform your lifepath, by trusting your feelings, and acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself.

You have the ability and skill, to takeover the lifepath, and transform it into a more insightful way, for where your at, than the Spirit had, when creating this lifepath, for you.

The lifepath is very strong, but it can be worked with, and the danger or whatever, within itself, and which you go into, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go through it, or you can, by being knowledgeable, and capable of utilizing your intuitive/psychic/telepathic abilities, skills, and talents to do so.

More than anything else, you must learn to love your bodymind, treat it only in the ways, good for it, and good for you.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You- here and now!

# 25 Sodalite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Sodalite is a fizzable gemstone, which means it brings clarity to a jumble of mess, in dealing with self, and the world.

Sodalite is a very high energy gemstone, which can bring understanding and clarity, to any mess of a situation.

Sodalite is, also, good for helping with the healing of stomach, back, and bowels, it’s used in tandem ,with another gemstone, which has its own definitively action, it’s known for.

Sodalite is good for parties, engagements, crowds, it gives out a peaceful, balance, energy, which helps alleviate problems, upsetness. etc.

# 61 Individual Anguish

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Being in the world, presents each of us, with many problems, and all of this turmoil, and the anguish, that we don’t have control of the Outside, or how we’re feeling, by how we’ve treated our bodymind, we may, now, may be ill, etc..

Being in the world, for many,, is how, we become excellent manipulators, at what the Outside, feel is best for us,, and what’s best for it, for it to grow, as more and more people, animals, etc,.repress, their inner light-, replacing it with the coldness, of separation repression. This  means, it places its spiritual center in the Outside, and can only feel happiness, etc., when they get out of the Outside, what they manipulated to get.

This bodymind repression is done by denial, not listening to yourself, blocking your total life energy, to create a small amount of life energy, in packets, and flowingness, which unfortunately, gets stopped from flowing up and down, the bodymind,, by muscular armor ( Wilhelm Reich ), so the life energy you have, which isn’t being used to repress, the wholeness/ fullness of the total you- free and flowing., This is just the opposite of this denial and repression, you do,, and have to constantly maintain, trying to steal life energy,, from the very aspects of you, you’re repressing., Heavy anger erupts, when you can’t do it; and you turn that anger on yourself,, Here,you act out to the will to power, symbolization of physical and mental actions, causing you to feel powerless,, because you aren’t as good as others, in utilizing the power, etc. of the Outside. This is, also, a defense, against working through your problems, bad habits, symbols of inner turmoil and so on..

Examples of this- is when you hunch your shoulders upward, like you’ve a hanger there, showing problems with your ability, or your need to have the fullness of life energy denied you, by you.

Masochism/sadism are a way of feeling alive, by doing that, which bypasses the blocks, allowing feeling, of life energy, within them.

This is an outward symbol, of your anger at your life energy, not giving itself to you, but makes you have to repress it. You aren’t responsible, for your life energy’s, unwillingness to come out and help you work past the muscular armor, which is a symbol of your holding in, holding back, and holding down. The 3 methods, of keeping something you don’t want to see,, from you- mentally and physically.

This split of repressing the wholeness/fullness spiritual life energy, of you, creates within you, an emotion of powerlessness, fatigue, anger, rage, etc.. You blame your inner light, for it’s the one doing this to you, you don’t have any responsibility for it; it’s all your inner light’s fault.

What helps this: 1. learn to trust yourself, 2. know you’re self-responsible, thereby responsible for all your actions, and reactions, to something done to you, 3. have self-respect,, 4. love yourself, 5. know you aren’t a bad person, you only have bad habits, which you’ve let, gain control of your life, 6. work on you, through therapy, bodymind expression, movement, stretches, 7. study martial arts, or self-defense, 8. create balance, within your interaction with the physical/mental environment you’re in, feel connected to the ground and the sky, 9. realize you may have made mistakes, but learn from them, and create a free-flowing bodymind, 10. know its okay, to let go of your repressive holding in, holding down, or holding back, allow your life energy to flow freely, as you let go of these problems you see and work through ( think of these habits, repressions as a river, with many branches, and each of these branches owe their existence, to the main river, absolve the main river, and the others let go, and become light or are open to you working through them, and being healthier, for doing so.

Another way to help yourself, is to recognize you’re a wonderful person, capable of great love, great deeds, and a great lifestyle, which is your own,, which you share with others, by trusting your feelings, and only do what you can do to be true to yourself.

This leads us to our next few weeks, where we will cover what is a Jedi, what is a Jedi Knight, what is a dream dancer, what, if anything, does ET abductions and operations have to do with me.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!

# 24 Spessartine ( Garnet )-Extension B

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Spessartine ( Garnet ) is the spring, in which loneliness, unhappiness, anger, emotional ups and downs, rage, road rage, etc., can flow out of you,, beautiful crystal white water, flows through you, taking all the upsetness, revengeful thoughts, onemindness, violent thoughts, etc., you have, when life isn’t going the way you want it.

Spessartine ( Garnet ) the water of crystal white light of cleanliness, and the energy of flowing water, to flush all of the above, and more, out of your bodymind, allowing you peace, harmony, love and tranquility.

Keeping it on your person, will help you maintain, until you work through your hurt, anger at what has been done to you.

Spessartine ( Garnet ) is the gemstone, of cleansing, and energy flowing like water, which takes out all the bad, and replaces it with the good, what’s best for you.

Spessartine ( Garnet ) works its energetics, through drawing in crystal white light, until the energy is high enough to be a flash flood, energy, then it runs through your whole bodymind, from top to bottom, some may feel it runs from their feet, to their heads, but this cleansing, also, works it’s fullness and wholeness, on the etheric double and the aura.

Spessartine ( Garnet ) is the helper of life filled with love, harmony, trust, tranquility, balance, and the beauty in motion of crystal white light water.

# 60 Trust

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; The OutRyder )

Everyone wants people around them they can trust; but before you can do this, you have to build it, within you: You must learn to trust yourself, and act on that trust, by acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself.

Feelings are the guide to knowing yourself and acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself.

Feelings allow you to know, what you’re feeling about something going on within you,others  acting toward you, or someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Feelings work in answers; not questions.

Trust builds slowly, even within yourself, if you’re too logical, to emotional,, your trust in yourself will be low, for you don’t know how to trust your own bodymind, and are projecting on to it, emotional garbage; along with this is reasoning,, which looks Outside, for what it believes, etc..

All that is fine and dandy, but if you don’t trust yourself, you’re in the spinning wheel,, of what Sartre,, calls existential anguish. What does this mean for our understanding of ourselves and our world?

Reasoning and emotional reasoning, feed off of each other,they can give you knowledge, understanding, and ways of letting go, but they cannot give you the love of yourself, the trust in yourself, that only comes, when you stop projecting onto the Outside,, and realize all your actions have to start within, to be real to you;,leading you into acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself.

If you’re dependent, on the Outside, to give you happiness, love, self-respect, self-responsibility, and more inner spiritual building through your trust in yourself, and your ability to act without thinking, trusting your feelings, to guide you, to do what is best for you, and is the only thing you can do to be true to yourself.

What is truth? Truth you find Outside, is only within the act of reasoning, and emotional reasoning, which means what’s going on  outside of you, gives to you what you want, need and expect, from the environment. We shall call this denial of self truth, and believing Outside can get/give you whatever you wish. This is not true; we only have to look at the rich and wealthy who commit suicide, who act in ways detrimental to their being in the world.

Trust truth, comes from within you; you see it and know it, by trusting your feelings, and acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself.

Inner guided liking of someone outside of you, and in whom you want to learn to trust,, is a process; they, and you, have to prove your trustworthiness. In other words,, building trust is like adding a slice to a circle, as you see their actions, which create trust in you, or not.

Don’t be in a hurry to trust someone, who wants you to trust them, now. The question is why does it have to be now? Why do they want you to trust them, without them- ,proving their- trustworthy.

If someone tries to get you to trust them, without going through the process of building that trust within you, by your interactions with them, then they are not trustworthy, and you have to protect yourself from them,, and their ways..

Healthy trust comes when you trust yourself, to not trust in a hurry, but allow the trust to build slowly, as each of you, find out more about the other, or the Outside, which becomes secondary and flows around you, rather than you having to live your life, to the insanity of the Outside, which acts, and demands, you to be what they want you to be, rather than being yourself, by acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself!

You will go through times, when you try to wheedle, to subvert, to hide, from your Inner Truth, because it doesn’t fit with your mind/consciousness, who is caught up in being what the Outside wants from you. You go into denial, anger, rejecting, emotions, rationalizations, and more, to make it okay to not trust yourself, but trust the Outside, has what you need to bring you happiness, and material wealth.

Happiness, works, etc., come from within you; you’re guided by your feelings, trust in your feelings, and Seeing/Knowing what you’re doing is the only act you can do to be true to yourself.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!

# 23 Moonstone

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; OutRyder )

The gemstone of mystical connections, is the moonstone, but not because it works best in the moonlight, that’s an old wives tale. The moonstone is mystic energy, thus it works best when the users or the director of energy, is in a mystical frame of mind.

However, this isn’t the only energy the moonstone can create/use; the moonstone, is the gemstone of twins. It can be used as a moonstone, but it can, also, be used as a sunstone, and this is where its mystical forces, are doubled, because it is a twin stone.

The twin mystical life energy is only a door opener, to the mystical/truth forces it can bring to bear, to do what its companion, wants it to do. This doesn’t mean it will be dark, if the companion wants. Moonstone/sunstone is always of the light; those who try to use it for darkness, end up being hurt, or die from trying to make it do something it doesn’t want to do.

In some areas, of the Universe(s) Moonstones/sunstones are for communication, with other dimensions, just as if they’re in the same room with them.

Sunstone is a mystical protector of those of the Light, but its, also’ a healing agent, as is Moonstone. They or the stone, works best, when the user, believes in what their doing, is right and true.

Moonstones are the power of Runes, and other mystical objects, but if they are used for dark; moonstone can’t have them under its wings, so they isolate the one trying to do darkness, and simply stop working, or turns to sunstone, and Light battles dark.

Shadow, on the other hand, can be light or dark, and therefore, to work with Shadow, it must always be in deep concentration and being of the light.

The care for a moonstone/sunstone, is run clear, cold water over it, once a week, or when you use it, then wrap it in a red, yellow, blue, green crystal white scarf, or clean cloth.

Treat it with respect and it will do the same with you; try to control it, and it will fight you tooth and nail, till it ends your designs on it, including, dark persuasions and designs.

Moonstone/sunstone love to work with Lightbearers, and never work with the darktryers. If a darktryer tries to use it,for dark, the opposite of what the darktryer wanted, will happen, usually meaning injury or death to the one trying to use darkness o then moonstone/sunstone.

Treat the twins, with respect and they will work with you, as a companion, and never/ever as an owned object- it stays as long as it feels comfortable with you, and the environments you create, wherever you may go.

If you wish to work with a moonstone/sunstone, make sure the environments you create are of the Light, and never of the dark!

The moonstone/sunstone, works well with light persuasions and designs, meaning utilizing lines of energy, to accomplish your goals.

Microcosmic Force Blessing on you, here and now!.

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