(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; OutRyder )

The gemstone of mystical connections, is the moonstone, but not because it works best in the moonlight, that’s an old wives tale. The moonstone is mystic energy, thus it works best when the users or the director of energy, is in a mystical frame of mind.

However, this isn’t the only energy the moonstone can create/use; the moonstone, is the gemstone of twins. It can be used as a moonstone, but it can, also, be used as a sunstone, and this is where its mystical forces, are doubled, because it is a twin stone.

The twin mystical life energy is only a door opener, to the mystical/truth forces it can bring to bear, to do what its companion, wants it to do. This doesn’t mean it will be dark, if the companion wants. Moonstone/sunstone is always of the light; those who try to use it for darkness, end up being hurt, or die from trying to make it do something it doesn’t want to do.

In some areas, of the Universe(s) Moonstones/sunstones are for communication, with other dimensions, just as if they’re in the same room with them.

Sunstone is a mystical protector of those of the Light, but its, also’ a healing agent, as is Moonstone. They or the stone, works best, when the user, believes in what their doing, is right and true.

Moonstones are the power of Runes, and other mystical objects, but if they are used for dark; moonstone can’t have them under its wings, so they isolate the one trying to do darkness, and simply stop working, or turns to sunstone, and Light battles dark.

Shadow, on the other hand, can be light or dark, and therefore, to work with Shadow, it must always be in deep concentration and being of the light.

The care for a moonstone/sunstone, is run clear, cold water over it, once a week, or when you use it, then wrap it in a red, yellow, blue, green crystal white scarf, or clean cloth.

Treat it with respect and it will do the same with you; try to control it, and it will fight you tooth and nail, till it ends your designs on it, including, dark persuasions and designs.

Moonstone/sunstone love to work with Lightbearers, and never work with the darktryers. If a darktryer tries to use it,for dark, the opposite of what the darktryer wanted, will happen, usually meaning injury or death to the one trying to use darkness o then moonstone/sunstone.

Treat the twins, with respect and they will work with you, as a companion, and never/ever as an owned object- it stays as long as it feels comfortable with you, and the environments you create, wherever you may go.

If you wish to work with a moonstone/sunstone, make sure the environments you create are of the Light, and never of the dark!

The moonstone/sunstone, works well with light persuasions and designs, meaning utilizing lines of energy, to accomplish your goals.

Microcosmic Force Blessing on you, here and now!.