(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Spessartine ( Garnet ) is the spring, in which loneliness, unhappiness, anger, emotional ups and downs, rage, road rage, etc., can flow out of you,, beautiful crystal white water, flows through you, taking all the upsetness, revengeful thoughts, onemindness, violent thoughts, etc., you have, when life isn’t going the way you want it.

Spessartine ( Garnet ) the water of crystal white light of cleanliness, and the energy of flowing water, to flush all of the above, and more, out of your bodymind, allowing you peace, harmony, love and tranquility.

Keeping it on your person, will help you maintain, until you work through your hurt, anger at what has been done to you.

Spessartine ( Garnet ) is the gemstone, of cleansing, and energy flowing like water, which takes out all the bad, and replaces it with the good, what’s best for you.

Spessartine ( Garnet ) works its energetics, through drawing in crystal white light, until the energy is high enough to be a flash flood, energy, then it runs through your whole bodymind, from top to bottom, some may feel it runs from their feet, to their heads, but this cleansing, also, works it’s fullness and wholeness, on the etheric double and the aura.

Spessartine ( Garnet ) is the helper of life filled with love, harmony, trust, tranquility, balance, and the beauty in motion of crystal white light water.