(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; The OutRyder )

Everyone wants people around them they can trust; but before you can do this, you have to build it, within you: You must learn to trust yourself, and act on that trust, by acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself.

Feelings are the guide to knowing yourself and acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself.

Feelings allow you to know, what you’re feeling about something going on within you,others  acting toward you, or someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Feelings work in answers; not questions.

Trust builds slowly, even within yourself, if you’re too logical, to emotional,, your trust in yourself will be low, for you don’t know how to trust your own bodymind, and are projecting on to it, emotional garbage; along with this is reasoning,, which looks Outside, for what it believes, etc..

All that is fine and dandy, but if you don’t trust yourself, you’re in the spinning wheel,, of what Sartre,, calls existential anguish. What does this mean for our understanding of ourselves and our world?

Reasoning and emotional reasoning, feed off of each other,they can give you knowledge, understanding, and ways of letting go, but they cannot give you the love of yourself, the trust in yourself, that only comes, when you stop projecting onto the Outside,, and realize all your actions have to start within, to be real to you;,leading you into acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself.

If you’re dependent, on the Outside, to give you happiness, love, self-respect, self-responsibility, and more inner spiritual building through your trust in yourself, and your ability to act without thinking, trusting your feelings, to guide you, to do what is best for you, and is the only thing you can do to be true to yourself.

What is truth? Truth you find Outside, is only within the act of reasoning, and emotional reasoning, which means what’s going on  outside of you, gives to you what you want, need and expect, from the environment. We shall call this denial of self truth, and believing Outside can get/give you whatever you wish. This is not true; we only have to look at the rich and wealthy who commit suicide, who act in ways detrimental to their being in the world.

Trust truth, comes from within you; you see it and know it, by trusting your feelings, and acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself.

Inner guided liking of someone outside of you, and in whom you want to learn to trust,, is a process; they, and you, have to prove your trustworthiness. In other words,, building trust is like adding a slice to a circle, as you see their actions, which create trust in you, or not.

Don’t be in a hurry to trust someone, who wants you to trust them, now. The question is why does it have to be now? Why do they want you to trust them, without them- ,proving their- trustworthy.

If someone tries to get you to trust them, without going through the process of building that trust within you, by your interactions with them, then they are not trustworthy, and you have to protect yourself from them,, and their ways..

Healthy trust comes when you trust yourself, to not trust in a hurry, but allow the trust to build slowly, as each of you, find out more about the other, or the Outside, which becomes secondary and flows around you, rather than you having to live your life, to the insanity of the Outside, which acts, and demands, you to be what they want you to be, rather than being yourself, by acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself!

You will go through times, when you try to wheedle, to subvert, to hide, from your Inner Truth, because it doesn’t fit with your mind/consciousness, who is caught up in being what the Outside wants from you. You go into denial, anger, rejecting, emotions, rationalizations, and more, to make it okay to not trust yourself, but trust the Outside, has what you need to bring you happiness, and material wealth.

Happiness, works, etc., come from within you; you’re guided by your feelings, trust in your feelings, and Seeing/Knowing what you’re doing is the only act you can do to be true to yourself.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!