(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Being in the world, presents each of us, with many problems, and all of this turmoil, and the anguish, that we don’t have control of the Outside, or how we’re feeling, by how we’ve treated our bodymind, we may, now, may be ill, etc..

Being in the world, for many,, is how, we become excellent manipulators, at what the Outside, feel is best for us,, and what’s best for it, for it to grow, as more and more people, animals, etc,.repress, their inner light-, replacing it with the coldness, of separation repression. This  means, it places its spiritual center in the Outside, and can only feel happiness, etc., when they get out of the Outside, what they manipulated to get.

This bodymind repression is done by denial, not listening to yourself, blocking your total life energy, to create a small amount of life energy, in packets, and flowingness, which unfortunately, gets stopped from flowing up and down, the bodymind,, by muscular armor ( Wilhelm Reich ), so the life energy you have, which isn’t being used to repress, the wholeness/ fullness of the total you- free and flowing., This is just the opposite of this denial and repression, you do,, and have to constantly maintain, trying to steal life energy,, from the very aspects of you, you’re repressing., Heavy anger erupts, when you can’t do it; and you turn that anger on yourself,, Here,you act out to the will to power, symbolization of physical and mental actions, causing you to feel powerless,, because you aren’t as good as others, in utilizing the power, etc. of the Outside. This is, also, a defense, against working through your problems, bad habits, symbols of inner turmoil and so on..

Examples of this- is when you hunch your shoulders upward, like you’ve a hanger there, showing problems with your ability, or your need to have the fullness of life energy denied you, by you.

Masochism/sadism are a way of feeling alive, by doing that, which bypasses the blocks, allowing feeling, of life energy, within them.

This is an outward symbol, of your anger at your life energy, not giving itself to you, but makes you have to repress it. You aren’t responsible, for your life energy’s, unwillingness to come out and help you work past the muscular armor, which is a symbol of your holding in, holding back, and holding down. The 3 methods, of keeping something you don’t want to see,, from you- mentally and physically.

This split of repressing the wholeness/fullness spiritual life energy, of you, creates within you, an emotion of powerlessness, fatigue, anger, rage, etc.. You blame your inner light, for it’s the one doing this to you, you don’t have any responsibility for it; it’s all your inner light’s fault.

What helps this: 1. learn to trust yourself, 2. know you’re self-responsible, thereby responsible for all your actions, and reactions, to something done to you, 3. have self-respect,, 4. love yourself, 5. know you aren’t a bad person, you only have bad habits, which you’ve let, gain control of your life, 6. work on you, through therapy, bodymind expression, movement, stretches, 7. study martial arts, or self-defense, 8. create balance, within your interaction with the physical/mental environment you’re in, feel connected to the ground and the sky, 9. realize you may have made mistakes, but learn from them, and create a free-flowing bodymind, 10. know its okay, to let go of your repressive holding in, holding down, or holding back, allow your life energy to flow freely, as you let go of these problems you see and work through ( think of these habits, repressions as a river, with many branches, and each of these branches owe their existence, to the main river, absolve the main river, and the others let go, and become light or are open to you working through them, and being healthier, for doing so.

Another way to help yourself, is to recognize you’re a wonderful person, capable of great love, great deeds, and a great lifestyle, which is your own,, which you share with others, by trusting your feelings, and only do what you can do to be true to yourself.

This leads us to our next few weeks, where we will cover what is a Jedi, what is a Jedi Knight, what is a dream dancer, what, if anything, does ET abductions and operations have to do with me.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!