(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; OutRyder

Azurite is the gem of time travel, in which, the etheric double, can go back into the past, especially Egypt and the Nile, and the Roman Empire in the times of Jesus and the 12 disciples, others can be gone to, with added water in a clear bowl,, placed beside the gem.

Azurite is the gem of Truth; if you do not want to see the truth, of what you are reading on, don’t use it.

Always wash in cold water, after using, or a week if not being used.

Azurite is the India stone of exploration, insight and awareness of the spirituality of the user, and of the world & its populations.

Azurite can also be used to astral project out into the Universe, and travel to other planets, seeing ETs, on their home planets, or within the ships they live on, if they are “Traders. Along with this gem, you must put your protection gem, for travel in the astral planes, mean you can go to billions of astral planes, and all those upon these-, aren’t ,necessarily, your friend.

In fact, whatever you see in the astral planes, psychically look into twice, for when you look again; its hard for the plane dwellers, to keep up the illusion, that drew you to them, then leave.

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