(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Home is, where you are, within yourself, then you’re other homes are simply enhancements of your solid, knowing of yourself,, and your Telepathic Spirit.

Your first home is your bodymind; the symbiotic relationship between physical and spiritual or soul, made especially for this particular life time. However, many times the Spirit is looking on soul making, with rose-colored glasses, and puts into the soul, danger points, where life could be lost, or life can expand its awareness of itself.

The Spirit planes are the direct home, of all life forms, then in limited ways, comes the Soul ( a preplanned lifepath, to test out theories, have here and now experiences, and free will to decide what you want to do, will do, or won’t do.), ready to test out this new bodymind, and see how it treats the bodymind- healthy or not.

The lifepath danger points, and other points- preplanned life cycle, are there for you to explore, and make decisions about, or put yourself in actual danger, of the situation.

At the time, of the Symbiotic Joining, of soul and physical body, the life path points, along with the aspects, which the Soul, will put into the physical bodymind, any more and it would burn up the bodymind, so impression upon the bodymind’s mental,- physical, abilities, talents, skills, and ability to be honest with yourself, and the connection’s strength, is what makes the person, feel comfortable, in their bodies, or not.

This process creates a home atmosphere, so the symbiotic wholeness of the bodymind, is either strong or less strong, which can lead to an inability to see your bodymind as the home it’s truly is.

The bodymind is not your enemy; it’s, in fact, your friend and closest companion, and you have the responsiblity to take care of it, in the best way you can.

The mental, spiritual blessings your given, within your lifepath, you may utilize or not. It depends how secure you are within your home bodymind.

Your lifepath, is always working upon you, and your environments, so you become who you are with and against what your lifepath is demanding you to do.

You do not have to do what the lifepath demands you do, to fulfill the points created by the Spirit. However, just wishing to be able to make the lifepath point, from a mountain to a bump in the environment and within you, can b e done, but you have to go into your higher states of consciousness, which brings you into the ability to transform your lifepath, by trusting your feelings, and acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself.

You have the ability and skill, to takeover the lifepath, and transform it into a more insightful way, for where your at, than the Spirit had, when creating this lifepath, for you.

The lifepath is very strong, but it can be worked with, and the danger or whatever, within itself, and which you go into, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go through it, or you can, by being knowledgeable, and capable of utilizing your intuitive/psychic/telepathic abilities, skills, and talents to do so.

More than anything else, you must learn to love your bodymind, treat it only in the ways, good for it, and good for you.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You- here and now!