# 68 Who are the Dream Dancers

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The most important thing to know about Dream Dancers is they work with the Microcosmic Force, and not with any whole force.

Many take comfort or least feel they belong, by being part of a bigger whole.

Dream Dancers don’t go along with this need; they work with the Microcosmic Force- It is made up of individual life energy wholes, and network to maintain the Universe and Universes processing physicality

Dream Dancers work in networks or individual choice; they use these networks to see individual truth, and from this learn something within them, and satisfies an aspect, within themselves.

Dream Dancers act in the only way they can act to be true to themselves, and the action needed to be took.

Dream Dancers live and work in this reality, but walk many realities, and are spiritual explorers, as well as, learning how to help those in need of help, to help themselves.

Love of life, and all forms of that life, is built into the Dream Dancer philosophy. This doesn’t mean their blind to the negative side of life, but the negative is brought about by the inhabitants of the physical or mundane reality; we call the Universe, and in a smaller scale- Earth is our planet of origin.

This is true, now, but before, when life began on this planet, Earth, those who came here, did so to pioneer, and/or escape their home planets. They built new societies, and started to learn the ways of this planet, we call Earth, but at this time, it was called Heath, for it was the new home of those from the stars.

Earthlings, one and all, are star people; whether they know this or not. They have bodies made from star energy and matter, but more important they have the memory of the birth of social structures on this planet.

There were two main philosophies, at this time- Oneness, where all are aspects of a bigger whole, and individual pioneers, in which, they saw everything as whole within itself, and therefore capable of living in a network Universe, which they themselves was individual in.

This belie,f in the spiritual belief, each of us, is individual, and we are at our best, when we act in the only way we can act to be true to ourselves.

The Macrocosmic people, saw themselves as apart of a bigger, more wise, more capable than themselves whole; thus by giving up that separateness, and joining with this huge supernatural being,, who was the ultimate in wisdom, etc., they themselves, became a cell, in that greatness, and could draw upon its wisdom to live their lives, without having to do it on their own.

All they had to do was give up their psychic energy, so it would join with the Force, figurehead of the one and only, thereby becoming cells within this bigger body, upon which, has members, from across the Universe. This built a complex force, which relied on its members, to be okay, by giving up their psychic/telepathic energies, and to become one, with the overall Force.

They saw themselves as both a recipient of this force, being a cell within its greatness, and as an expression of the Force, for others to see, and who could them join them in oneness, with the Force.

They were giving up self-responsibility, and took on the Force responsibility, where all they had to do, was follow the party line, and worship the whole of the Force, and they would be taken care of, and would survive after death, in astral planes, built and maintain by one person, then when others join this created reality, they, too, would keep the original creation, in top working order, by doing this, they, also, keep themselves in order, to the vibration of this astral plane reality, and therefore were welcomed to stay, and be within this reality.

Macrocosmic realities are alive and well, in today’s world: governments, religions, beliefs, etc., all which entice the person to give up their psychic/telepathic energies, and give it over to the Force, thus maintaining the idea behind the Force reality, and by this, the Force, itself.

Dream Dancing sees this, as simply, another power play, to get individuals to give up their energies, thus being able to draw upon the Force, as long as you believed in it, and did not question it, or did what it says; you know this, by the flow of energy, within you,, coming to you from outside, and the whole of the Force. If you did not, see things the same way as the Force, then this energy flow was and is cut off. You’re left stranded, in how to live you life, deal with problems, take care of yourself, and live your life spiritually.

Dream Dancing, breaks up this false view, and need, to be apart of a bigger whole, so the Dream Dancer is totally self-responsible, and takes full responsibility for his/her/its actions.

Dream Dancers are mystical, spiritual, true actioneers, who see the world, and the Universe, as a network of individual wholes, interacting with each other, and giving the information needed, through self-expression, self-discover, and living life, through: helping, sharing, seeing, knowing, and a commitment to themselves, to live their lives, as Dream Dancers.

May the Microcosmic Force, be with you here and now!

# 30 Diopside

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(c)Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Diopside is a gramen gem, meaning its grades are less than what you would expect them to be, because of this, utilization of this gem, is used, always, in tandem, with other gems.

Diopside can be used by itself, if in sunlight, or moonlight; it is one that can be used for light and dark, depending on the user.

Diopside can only be used to do dark work, once, after that it blocks the dark, from ever using it again, much to the anger of the dark user.

Diopside works well, with most gems, and crystals, but be very careful, to match it with one it is in harmony with. If you don’t, then Diopside will take to itself energy and power, and can cause earthquakes, droughts, and much more.

Diopside is a creeper, in that it creeps along as a not very strong gem, but when used with others, others not in tune with it, it is one of the most powerful gems, found on the earth. It will never go back to being the innocent, not very powerful gem; it is now one of the Destructor Gems, and only one, who is energized, and in harmony with it use it, and bring it in balance, to be used as a partner, in all that they do.

# 67 Who are the Jedi Knights

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The Jedi Knights are warriors in service, to others, in accord with the many categories, they have of doing service to themselves and others. but they’re, also, Protectors of the Fellowship, which means- they’re the ones, who do service to others, and at the same time do service to Enviroradience.

They train, to become a Jedi Knight, in the ways of the warrior, peace, helpful situations, and are the guard of the Spiritual Fellowship!

Jedi Knights hold a strong position, within the overall makeup of the spiritual fellowship, but they hold this as a viable aspect of the total Jedi experience.

Jedi Knights choose the area or areas, they want to train in; all of them, must learn in the martial arts; all of them are trained, for their interest, in doing, spiritual work, They’re taught that Peace is within; outer peace, is used to throw off people, when they say, they want peace, instead of war. This means, where one wins and the other loses, and the peace is made by the winner.

Jedi Knights, help those in need, those who are being persecuted by others, women protection against the war on women, and see porno as a service done by these women and men, and they’re respected, within the spiritual fellowship.

Jedi Knights are strategists, and will study the ways of war, seeing how it never really wants peace, only a stalemate to the next war. The U.S., is a main factor in starting wars, by CIA operational sweeps, within the country, and outside of it.

Jedi Knights hold corporations, which involve themselves, in selling products to the public, must have a high standard, and if they don’t, but try to exploit the people, will be brought down, legally, and where they’re criminals, they will be exposed. ,

Jedi Knights are against and will work non-stop, against human trafficking; this is the deepest ignorance that a person can have, and one which will be rooted out, and the perpetrator, brought to justice.

Jedi Knights work for the freedom, and the protection of all people, animals, etc., and are held to the highest standards of conduct, at all times, but they’re, human, and if they fall, they will be helped back up. We do not forget our Jedi Knights, and if the actions, demand it, if its illegal, then they will turn in the Jedi Knight to the legal system in the political system, they find themselves in.

Jedi Knights, above all else, are environmentalist, and work to protect the Earth, from those, who would ruin it or destroy it, in the name of stupidity, demand for profit, for their individual pleasure, til they cause their own destruction.

Jedi Knights are teachers, and must teach others, to be Jedi Knights; this is time, well spent, if that’s what the Jedi Knight wants, but those who teach, learn as much from the learners,as the taught, is learning, from them.

Jedi Knights work with the Earth Rangers, in overseeing, the protection of the planet, and all things on it. This is crucial, for the safety, and living, of all beings on the Earth.

Microcosmic Force Blessings on you here and now!

# 29 Kornerupine

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Kornerupine, is of the Earth, it can be used for native american earth magic, to bring in and use druid knowledge/actions and to be aware, in a deep state, the beauty, wonder, and threat to the environment, wherever, on the planet, Earth, or on any other planet, as well..

Konerupine, is very mystical, but it’s touch on this, is very light, and so, it’s necessary, to pack fresh green earth around it, leaving the gem on top. This makes it into the gem of the Gods.

Kornerupine, is the Creator gem, in that, it helps in any creation, known or not, it helps the planet, solar system, galaxy and the universe/universes. It’s working all the time, in creating favor, understanding, wisdom, truth, action in truth, and much more.

Kornerupine, can be used as a light healer, but with properties, within that light healer, is some to the most highly energized healing capabllity, you will ever see. Lightness is seen as less than heaviness, with this gem, this is far away from the truth. This is one of the most powerful gems you can have, but you must create a bond with it; get the gem, wash it in cold water, dry it off in silk of satin, then put it with you, for seven to ten days, trust your feelings, to decide how long is righ,t for your gem of Kornerupine.

Kornerupine, is history, present and future, seeing, and knowing, so you can look at the past, know all aspects of action in the here and now, and see in to future paths, the person may or may not fulfill.

Kornerupine, warning, do not try to use it for negative usage, it will be very harmful to your overall health.

# 66 Who are the Jedi

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(c) Terry Flyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; The OutRyder )

Jedi, are those, who want to know the Microcosmic Force, as a guide in their daily lives, in their interactions with others, how to know themselves, and understand life, by watching the bodymind languages of people, etc., How to have good relationships, living the life of a 21st Century Hippie, or as a business person, laborer, worker, and get value out of life.

Jedi, read, practice, do Microcosmic Force, aware, but the truth is in the actions of the Jedi, which are the only way they can act to be true to themselves. This is true in all aspects of their lives.

Jedi, do have a way to go higher, and become starguides, etc.. This is for the Jedi, who are independent, and want to do things themselves, including, learning/experiencing in their own way, in their own time. Jedi, are freedom oriented, like living in peace, by finding it within themselves, and practice utilizing it, everyday.

Jedi, can be a single person, a family, a network, but the important thing is creating Microcosmic Force, and feeling that which is outside of you, allowing yourself to be guided and guide, by the feeling you act on to act in the only way you can to be true to yourself; Jedi do service with others, with no expectation of being paid back for the actions you took, which were the only acts you can do to be true to yourself.

Jedi, are hippies, to  business people, to politicians; the important lesson here is use the Microcosmic Force, in your daily living, to interact with others, and to learn about yourself, from practicing on being a Jedi.

Jedi, is a spiritual path, and its lessons, are aimed at the individual, so they can interact with others, by following their own inner truth, as the only act they can do. Jedi, is a spiritual way of life and living; Jedi permeates the person, to their level  of capability, to see value in going beyond, where they are, in their being.

The Microcosmic Force is not a single entity, but is made up of individual wholes, who come together, when the time is right, and disconnect, when what they’re doing is over. Jedi, show what a Jedi is by physical, mental and spiritual actions, out in the open, where others can see the action of truth, which is the only act they can do to be true to themselves.

This watching a Jedi, in how they handle social, political, health paths, and so on, so you don’t have to go out and preach, but simply live you life, to the interaction between you and the Microcosmic Force

This method is- imprinting, on the person watching what you do, it is imprinted on them, so they can be guided, in their everyday lives, by how the Jedi live, play, and enjoy life to the fullest. We’re imprinted by experience, all the time, we just don’t realize it, and positive imprintation, doesn’t control, but is a flowing energy, which can help the person live their lives to the fullest.

Each Jedi, is 100%, whole and full,within themselves, and need no one or anything to be happy; they trust their being to guide them and their trust of the Microcosmic Force Network, and flowing Microcosmic Force life energy,streaming, within the bodymind, without any stoppages or friction.

Jedi, learn to look at the symbols, which reflect the person, etc.and give the Jedi, clues, to where the other is at, and how toxic, they are, at this here and now experience.

Jedi, build into their lives, trust, choice, freedom, doing, listening, reflecting, and practice being here and now, the only way to live, and to be positively done in your favor.\

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!

# 28 Phenakite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Phenakite, in many cases, shows up as false light, but in truth, it isn’t false, but is in the way the person is looking at it. You need to look at it with your feelings, to see its true worth.

Phenakite is another of the astrological gems; and its color fits in with other gems that make up the 12 houses reading. This means, by putting these gems on each of the houses, they’re powered up over 12 to the cube power, meaning they make whatever is within the house, be stronger and stronger.

Phenakite is not a brainy gem, it relies more on strength, than education and knowledge, but because each of us, create the order, etc., in our lives, how we see ourselves, we, create the usage of the power/energy of the gem.

Phenakite works to the level of the person using it, and the person’s whose reading it is. However, at times, it will give both the reader and the person being read for, maximum energy, which can throw both into dealing with things they’re unaware of, thus creating a learning lesson, for both.

Run cold water over Phenakite, weekly, keep in green scar, silk, or cloth.

# 65 Feelings

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

We’ve said that reason and emotion reason is based on learned behavior; feelings are not, they’re here and now, they only give answers, and never questions.

To be in your feelings, you must be here and now; with here and now experience, up for resolving, by listening, and trusting your feelings.

Trusting your feelings is just what it says; it means no thought is necessary, you act in the only way you can to be true to yourself.

Feelings are viewed organically, but they’re beyond the physical, mental,, and exist, in that nebulous truth, called Inner Spirit.

Inner Spirit is whole, and doesn’t need looked at, poked, tested, etc., for right here and now seeking knowledge,, it’s either right or wrong, and it’s never wrong, the listener may listen wrong, and act wrongly, but feelings give answers, it’s up to each of us, to follow it.

To give you an example: feelings are like you going totally naked; while reason and emotion reason, are like you wearing clothes to hide you from you. Be free; Be naked! Follow your heart!

Listen, trust, act upon without thought the answer given to you by your feelings. Trust your feelings; they’re the truth of you, and allows others to see truth, in action, without reason or emotion reason.. This will be a first, to almost all who look upon truth, for the first time in their lives.

Hippies worked to try to live instantanously: however, they looked for inner peace, outside of themselves, thus repressing their inner spirit, to look for answers, out in other philosophies, religions, etc..

Question needs, can come from the environment, but is an answer, brought from within the total being of the person, listening to the question, listening, by trusting his/her feelings, and acts in the only way he/she can to be true to themselves.

Inner Spirit is the path, guide, and action, of you, listening to your trust in your feelings, without thinking about it, but simply acting, in the trust of your feelings. .

May the Microcosmic Force Blessings, give you light, to find your own way out of an environmental question, to the best way to know the answer- trusting your feelings!

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