(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; OutRycer )

This Gathering, will the first of a Trilogy: Reason, Emoiton-Reason, and last, but not least, in life energy is feelings.

Reason has been around, since the Early Greeks, and probably, before. Plato’s love of reason. This was because he felt reason is the shaper of knowledge and understanding.

Wisdom can only be gotten through, the process of reasoning out the true meaning of what is seen, heard, talked about felt, and took apart..

Reason, is learned behavior, based; on, it takes what it knows, and what it has learned, to create new understanding, to make right choices, to do research, to philosophize, to associate one idea, with another, thus creating new wisdom, knowledge, understanding, the world, and the metaphysical world, as well.

Association is based upon observation, thinking methods, to place what has been observed, to something, within your memory, thus bringing it up to where you look at it, the generator of this association.Association can be between ideas, doing, seeing, knowing, as well.

Association can be logical, creative, or simply allows you to relive something you have memory about.

Observation is direct dissection, of an experience, a natural phenomenon,, or motion within the world, sky and space.However, direct observation, can be wrong, we see one thing, and the truth of the movement is something else.

This fact, cause other philosophers, etc., to start exploring the world, and the skies, with the limitation of scientific principles, and modes of breaking down, a subject to its parts to understand it, through reason..

Pure science, though, is logical, and research oriented, so those who, didn’t see value, in direct observation, and logical breakdowns, started looking at the world, skies, with the mind, and brought out theories, of what is happening in the world/skies.

However, this mental process, seeing, and coming up with ideas of what they’re seeing, or what they bring up from their levels of consciousness/mind, comes under the design of philosophy, metaphysics, ethics, and so on.

All of these are interested in how a thing is, works, and how it can be reproduced, in other words, they look only at the physical manifestations, around them, and do not care to look into reason, for it to be there, as it is, ergo, the life beyond the physical. Scientists, say that if it can’t be reproduced in the lab, then it isn’t knowledge, or at least scientific law.

Life isn’t a lab, thus the scientists saying this is focusing on the little picture, rather than the big picture, of what creates what they want to focus on, in a limited way. They can call this knowledge, thus creating a false world of false knowledge, if they only look at the physical/mental- the mundane world of physical interactions, and being.

Reason has its place, but its place isn’t in breaking down physical reality, into its logical parts, but as a way of seeing, what the philosopher says lies beyond the physical world.

It is limited to association, symbolic resolving of experience beyond the physical/mental, and in the expressing of what they’ve brought into play, by their method of creating a picture of what is given to them, from the bodymind’s experience. Reason is a tool, nothing more.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!!