(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

To begin, ( great beginning, eh ! ) we must look at what the core of any emotion is: emotion is a thought, a thought, which gives the rest of a person’s bodymind, delight, or anger or ?, so emotions are brought into being through a thought, and how the person sees it, and interacts with it.

A thought, which you do not own, is simply you being you, and how you see your life and your environment.

The thought, how does it turn, from just a free agent thought, into a monster of fear, etc.. Good Question, and the answer is, by adding external energy, drawn to it, by the type of thought it is.

How you react to that thought, with high energy, low energy, hurt, pain, and so on. You’re not the only processor, in this building of energy, from life energy, within your total bodymind; the other processor is the thought itself, and what vibration; it’s putting out, so it draws a like energy, to itself; it begins, in how committed the person is to the thought and its meaning. Meaning comes after reaction, to the thought, that defines what type of energy is going to be drawn to it, for building up on the thought, thus making its presence, small or large, within the person.

This process is like the process of building a comet: you have a core, and you have levels built on top of this core,adding to its mass, and its energetic strength, depending on how the person sees it, and if they have control over that emotion, or it controls them.

The same process goes on in the building up of the original thought, with levels of life energy, to reflect what the thought is expressing/vibrating, and how each energy byt, sees itself, within the original thought.

This is the beginning of the person’s response to this thought, which is now building, and the more energy it draws to itself, the more powerful it becomes. The total person, must do something to limit the thought comets power, or to keep it from moving, ergo the building of muscular armor ( Wilhelm Reich ), or chronic tension in the bodymind.

The response, on a continuing bases, grows chronic, in repressing this thought comet, holding it down, back, or creating resistance to its internal vibration, then put into the bodymind resistance energy layer, where these thoughts comets, are held, from being able to express their inner drive to express themselves. Therefore the only way this can be handled, is by supression or repression or denial, of its presence, and what power it has over the entire bodymind.

Where do we find these frozen thought comets- within the subconscious, which is a hoarder, of thought comets, and other things, which it uses to control how the person is feeling, doing or expanding.

The subconscious is an accumulator of the breaths heading within, holding it, or allowing the breath to bring new energy to the thought comet, which raises its level of energy, and by doing this, the person, has to place and equal amount of energy to repress this new life energy symbol.

Does the person supress, or repress all thoughts; to begin with- yes,, to see how the person’s subconscious is going to see these new thoughts, and what it has to do, to stay in control, in protecting the mundane aspect of the person, as well as, the person’s bodymind, which reflects the subconscious will to power. The subconscious uses it to keep balance, within the bodymind, by a repressing mapping of areas, of the bodymind, which are natural areas, where certain thoughts can be placed and contained, by limiting its free movement.

This means, the subconscious, creates a way of knowing itself, which is based on the will to power, thus it sees the best way for it, ergo, the body and mind, is to not unbalance, its creation, or area tension, which will contain, whatever the subconscious wants to control.

The subconscious becomes the repressor, of the body and mind, and definitely wants nothing to do with the idea of bodymind.

The subconscious wants controlled freedom, and shaped flowing of life energy, within the person. The Master Crafts Level, is the subconscious, and it holds all the fears, doubts, and procrastinating, not doing acts; the person shows- in his or her daily living.

When we want to transform these areas of armor, we work to free the locked in energy, which is symbolized, within the bodymind, as lock down, of all thought comets. The subconscious sees its control of the person’s body and mind, as absolute.

The subconscious maintains its power, by sabotage, of creating emotions, which will nullify the will of the person, into a shaped response, which is directed by the subconscious, to the muscular in the body and mind map, showing areas of vibrational intent. It foils the healthy life energy of the person trying to free themselves, from what they believe is external factors, when in fact, the true center of the person’s problems- is within the subconscious.

Their subconscious, isn’t an enemy, but a faulty design, which has the life energy symbolization of action/inner action, supressed, shaped, and held in muscular armor, so it cannot cause upsetness, within the subconscious’s, management of the body and mind, for the health and care of the person. The person sees subconscious, as good, and has a very hard time,in realizing, the cause of the problems, they have, found within themselves, is held in the  subconscious.

This aspect of the person’s subconscious is called the Protector; the other aspect of the subconscious, is to help the person, live their lives, without having to worry, or be overly intent, in watching themselves every second.They, therefore, create the Management Core, which handles all of that, including beliefs, fears, learned behaviors, and so on.

The subconscious is what we make it, thus it isn’t an enemy, but a symbolize action, of what we want to  do, or not.

Microcosmic Force Blessings, on each of you!