(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Phenakite, in many cases, shows up as false light, but in truth, it isn’t false, but is in the way the person is looking at it. You need to look at it with your feelings, to see its true worth.

Phenakite is another of the astrological gems; and its color fits in with other gems that make up the 12 houses reading. This means, by putting these gems on each of the houses, they’re powered up over 12 to the cube power, meaning they make whatever is within the house, be stronger and stronger.

Phenakite is not a brainy gem, it relies more on strength, than education and knowledge, but because each of us, create the order, etc., in our lives, how we see ourselves, we, create the usage of the power/energy of the gem.

Phenakite works to the level of the person using it, and the person’s whose reading it is. However, at times, it will give both the reader and the person being read for, maximum energy, which can throw both into dealing with things they’re unaware of, thus creating a learning lesson, for both.

Run cold water over Phenakite, weekly, keep in green scar, silk, or cloth.