(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

We’ve said that reason and emotion reason is based on learned behavior; feelings are not, they’re here and now, they only give answers, and never questions.

To be in your feelings, you must be here and now; with here and now experience, up for resolving, by listening, and trusting your feelings.

Trusting your feelings is just what it says; it means no thought is necessary, you act in the only way you can to be true to yourself.

Feelings are viewed organically, but they’re beyond the physical, mental,, and exist, in that nebulous truth, called Inner Spirit.

Inner Spirit is whole, and doesn’t need looked at, poked, tested, etc., for right here and now seeking knowledge,, it’s either right or wrong, and it’s never wrong, the listener may listen wrong, and act wrongly, but feelings give answers, it’s up to each of us, to follow it.

To give you an example: feelings are like you going totally naked; while reason and emotion reason, are like you wearing clothes to hide you from you. Be free; Be naked! Follow your heart!

Listen, trust, act upon without thought the answer given to you by your feelings. Trust your feelings; they’re the truth of you, and allows others to see truth, in action, without reason or emotion reason.. This will be a first, to almost all who look upon truth, for the first time in their lives.

Hippies worked to try to live instantanously: however, they looked for inner peace, outside of themselves, thus repressing their inner spirit, to look for answers, out in other philosophies, religions, etc..

Question needs, can come from the environment, but is an answer, brought from within the total being of the person, listening to the question, listening, by trusting his/her feelings, and acts in the only way he/she can to be true to themselves.

Inner Spirit is the path, guide, and action, of you, listening to your trust in your feelings, without thinking about it, but simply acting, in the trust of your feelings. .

May the Microcosmic Force Blessings, give you light, to find your own way out of an environmental question, to the best way to know the answer- trusting your feelings!