(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Kornerupine, is of the Earth, it can be used for native american earth magic, to bring in and use druid knowledge/actions and to be aware, in a deep state, the beauty, wonder, and threat to the environment, wherever, on the planet, Earth, or on any other planet, as well..

Konerupine, is very mystical, but it’s touch on this, is very light, and so, it’s necessary, to pack fresh green earth around it, leaving the gem on top. This makes it into the gem of the Gods.

Kornerupine, is the Creator gem, in that, it helps in any creation, known or not, it helps the planet, solar system, galaxy and the universe/universes. It’s working all the time, in creating favor, understanding, wisdom, truth, action in truth, and much more.

Kornerupine, can be used as a light healer, but with properties, within that light healer, is some to the most highly energized healing capabllity, you will ever see. Lightness is seen as less than heaviness, with this gem, this is far away from the truth. This is one of the most powerful gems you can have, but you must create a bond with it; get the gem, wash it in cold water, dry it off in silk of satin, then put it with you, for seven to ten days, trust your feelings, to decide how long is righ,t for your gem of Kornerupine.

Kornerupine, is history, present and future, seeing, and knowing, so you can look at the past, know all aspects of action in the here and now, and see in to future paths, the person may or may not fulfill.

Kornerupine, warning, do not try to use it for negative usage, it will be very harmful to your overall health.