(c) Terry Flyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; The OutRyder )

Jedi, are those, who want to know the Microcosmic Force, as a guide in their daily lives, in their interactions with others, how to know themselves, and understand life, by watching the bodymind languages of people, etc., How to have good relationships, living the life of a 21st Century Hippie, or as a business person, laborer, worker, and get value out of life.

Jedi, read, practice, do Microcosmic Force, aware, but the truth is in the actions of the Jedi, which are the only way they can act to be true to themselves. This is true in all aspects of their lives.

Jedi, do have a way to go higher, and become starguides, etc.. This is for the Jedi, who are independent, and want to do things themselves, including, learning/experiencing in their own way, in their own time. Jedi, are freedom oriented, like living in peace, by finding it within themselves, and practice utilizing it, everyday.

Jedi, can be a single person, a family, a network, but the important thing is creating Microcosmic Force, and feeling that which is outside of you, allowing yourself to be guided and guide, by the feeling you act on to act in the only way you can to be true to yourself; Jedi do service with others, with no expectation of being paid back for the actions you took, which were the only acts you can do to be true to yourself.

Jedi, are hippies, to  business people, to politicians; the important lesson here is use the Microcosmic Force, in your daily living, to interact with others, and to learn about yourself, from practicing on being a Jedi.

Jedi, is a spiritual path, and its lessons, are aimed at the individual, so they can interact with others, by following their own inner truth, as the only act they can do. Jedi, is a spiritual way of life and living; Jedi permeates the person, to their level  of capability, to see value in going beyond, where they are, in their being.

The Microcosmic Force is not a single entity, but is made up of individual wholes, who come together, when the time is right, and disconnect, when what they’re doing is over. Jedi, show what a Jedi is by physical, mental and spiritual actions, out in the open, where others can see the action of truth, which is the only act they can do to be true to themselves.

This watching a Jedi, in how they handle social, political, health paths, and so on, so you don’t have to go out and preach, but simply live you life, to the interaction between you and the Microcosmic Force

This method is- imprinting, on the person watching what you do, it is imprinted on them, so they can be guided, in their everyday lives, by how the Jedi live, play, and enjoy life to the fullest. We’re imprinted by experience, all the time, we just don’t realize it, and positive imprintation, doesn’t control, but is a flowing energy, which can help the person live their lives to the fullest.

Each Jedi, is 100%, whole and full,within themselves, and need no one or anything to be happy; they trust their being to guide them and their trust of the Microcosmic Force Network, and flowing Microcosmic Force life energy,streaming, within the bodymind, without any stoppages or friction.

Jedi, learn to look at the symbols, which reflect the person, etc.and give the Jedi, clues, to where the other is at, and how toxic, they are, at this here and now experience.

Jedi, build into their lives, trust, choice, freedom, doing, listening, reflecting, and practice being here and now, the only way to live, and to be positively done in your favor.\

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!