(c)Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Diopside is a gramen gem, meaning its grades are less than what you would expect them to be, because of this, utilization of this gem, is used, always, in tandem, with other gems.

Diopside can be used by itself, if in sunlight, or moonlight; it is one that can be used for light and dark, depending on the user.

Diopside can only be used to do dark work, once, after that it blocks the dark, from ever using it again, much to the anger of the dark user.

Diopside works well, with most gems, and crystals, but be very careful, to match it with one it is in harmony with. If you don’t, then Diopside will take to itself energy and power, and can cause earthquakes, droughts, and much more.

Diopside is a creeper, in that it creeps along as a not very strong gem, but when used with others, others not in tune with it, it is one of the most powerful gems, found on the earth. It will never go back to being the innocent, not very powerful gem; it is now one of the Destructor Gems, and only one, who is energized, and in harmony with it use it, and bring it in balance, to be used as a partner, in all that they do.