(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The Jedi Knights are warriors in service, to others, in accord with the many categories, they have of doing service to themselves and others. but they’re, also, Protectors of the Fellowship, which means- they’re the ones, who do service to others, and at the same time do service to Enviroradience.

They train, to become a Jedi Knight, in the ways of the warrior, peace, helpful situations, and are the guard of the Spiritual Fellowship!

Jedi Knights hold a strong position, within the overall makeup of the spiritual fellowship, but they hold this as a viable aspect of the total Jedi experience.

Jedi Knights choose the area or areas, they want to train in; all of them, must learn in the martial arts; all of them are trained, for their interest, in doing, spiritual work, They’re taught that Peace is within; outer peace, is used to throw off people, when they say, they want peace, instead of war. This means, where one wins and the other loses, and the peace is made by the winner.

Jedi Knights, help those in need, those who are being persecuted by others, women protection against the war on women, and see porno as a service done by these women and men, and they’re respected, within the spiritual fellowship.

Jedi Knights are strategists, and will study the ways of war, seeing how it never really wants peace, only a stalemate to the next war. The U.S., is a main factor in starting wars, by CIA operational sweeps, within the country, and outside of it.

Jedi Knights hold corporations, which involve themselves, in selling products to the public, must have a high standard, and if they don’t, but try to exploit the people, will be brought down, legally, and where they’re criminals, they will be exposed. ,

Jedi Knights are against and will work non-stop, against human trafficking; this is the deepest ignorance that a person can have, and one which will be rooted out, and the perpetrator, brought to justice.

Jedi Knights work for the freedom, and the protection of all people, animals, etc., and are held to the highest standards of conduct, at all times, but they’re, human, and if they fall, they will be helped back up. We do not forget our Jedi Knights, and if the actions, demand it, if its illegal, then they will turn in the Jedi Knight to the legal system in the political system, they find themselves in.

Jedi Knights, above all else, are environmentalist, and work to protect the Earth, from those, who would ruin it or destroy it, in the name of stupidity, demand for profit, for their individual pleasure, til they cause their own destruction.

Jedi Knights are teachers, and must teach others, to be Jedi Knights; this is time, well spent, if that’s what the Jedi Knight wants, but those who teach, learn as much from the learners,as the taught, is learning, from them.

Jedi Knights work with the Earth Rangers, in overseeing, the protection of the planet, and all things on it. This is crucial, for the safety, and living, of all beings on the Earth.

Microcosmic Force Blessings on you here and now!