# 54 Morganite ( Beryl )

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Is named after J.P. Morgan, the wealthy man, of banking, etc.. Unfortunately, this colors this gem, for most, who see it, and hear its name.

However, Morganite, doesn’t allow the name to influence it; it is what it is, no matter the name, or the reason the person gets the gem named after him.

How, does this happen… it has a two fold realization of who it is; and in astrology, is most associated with June, or Gemini.

The astrological Gemini is the twins, and the negative person, and the positive person, must go beyond the energy created by itself, and find a path, which will bring the two together in peace and harmony,

Depending on the person using Morganite, it will help or hinder them. It can do both equally well. The more spiritual, or the more moral the person is, the greater the work of Morganite, in the positive mode.

Morganite, has to be monitored  carefully; it helps to wash them in cold water, at least, once a week; this will fire up its spiritual harmony, with its partner, in doing spiritual, psychic, and transpersonal acts.

Morganite is also seen as a sex gem; in that it’s unique role in being negative or positive, transfers to the sexual act- between any two people. Morganite, helps both people, or more, to get the best out of sex they can. This can diverge into negative actions, seen as pleasureable, and creates a negative state of mind, for those who go into kinky sex, and so on.

# 71 Equality in Honor within Enviroradience

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(c)   Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

In being a Jedi, Jedi Knight, Dream Dancer, both women and men are welcomed to experience the path best for them; male and female inequality has no place in EnviroRadience. This means you can work toward any goal within EnviroRadience, and will be given the chance, the experience of anyone else.

Women are very welcome, to experience EnviroRadience, so please, be encouraged, this is a path, which treats male and females, as totally equal in doing their life paths.

We welcome both sexes to experience the way of the Jedi, the way of the Jedi Knight, and the way of the Dream Dancer. Each will be given teachings that fit their exploration, and learning on the path they’ve chosen.

As positions open up in the administration of EnviroRadience, both males and females, will be considered, and the best person, for the job will get it, in both paid and volunteer work places.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, now

# 2 Additions

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Hyconseo Lee- another defector, from North Korea- listen to her TED talk on you tube

Hannah Song- CEO of an organization, who works to free North Korea; her parents run an underground passage way, for North Korean defectors, who want to leave the brutal country

Dami Im- who, with her stardom, gives light to the need of North Korean citizens

the Green Party- the real deal, in wanting to help all oppress people in the world

Amnesty International- working to make sure prisoners, etc., are treated humanity

and all other organizations, people working to free the oppress citizens in any country in the world.

Doctors across Borders- for working free, to help those in other countries, who need medical help, but can’t get it in their own countries

Pornstars, past, present, future- who will undergo a major transformation in the future

the Godlarians- the First caretakers of the Earth and the solar system, as well as, the galaxy, who will be making an incredible come back, soon

Sonny Bozeman, and his non-profit, Outflow, who helps children with AIDS, or are AIDS affected

LGBT centers in the world, as well as those who stand up for LGBT rights, in countries, where being one of the forementioned can get you killed

Women of the world, who has to live, through, males-, war on women, this includes women, who have been killed by males

Gloria Steinham, and other feminists, who led the way to free women, from male domination, at risk of their own lives

artists, creative people, who stand in solidarity, to show the world the strength and power, of women

To all women, who want to gain and build their sexual freedom

Nudists and Naturists around the world

Museums around the world

” Mash ” TV show

Hippies everywhere

Clothing-optional operations, who allow, both clothed and naked enjoyments, in their usual beautiful grounds


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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson,2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

This week we’re celebrating the freedom defectors, from different countries, have found, and within that finding, they’re working to get news, information, etc., back to their countries of origin:

  1. Yeonmi Park- a North Korean defector, who’s a thorn, in the North Korean’s Leader’s, side. Go to you tube and type in her name, and watch all four of the you tube videos; you won’t get the full story, until you listen, and see for yourself, the battle this young woman and her family have lived through. She is a star, on a program in South Korea, which tells the truth about North Korea, and its repressive regime. She’s, also, a writer, on the internet, for a newspaper, which tells the truth, again, about the repressive environment in  North Korea.   Needless to say, Kim doesn’t like her, and the North Korean, intelligence agency is after her, to kill her.   The TV program is popular in China ( who sends North Koreans- back to North Korea, to torture and death ) and in North Korea, as well as, South Korea.(b) along with her, is her mother, and an older sister, who went through terrible trials herself, which she still can’t talk about. (c) Yeonmi was thirteen, when a man who had helped them, suddenly told her mother he was going to rape her daughter. Her mother let herself be raped, instead of her daughter, right in front of her daughter’s eyes.
  2. We recognize all defectors, from repression and oppressive environments- each of you- are a Spirit Hero.

3. Yeonmi and all defectors face death and torture, if they’re recaptured, and taken back to their country of origin; Yeonmi Park, is on Kim’s kill list; she and all other defectors, need our Microcosmic Force Blessing Affirmations. Don’;t be stingy, say your affirmation, then build more on top of it, by saying googles, etc. on it, each number becoming what it’s multiplied with. If you’re more macrocosmic oriented, or want to work in tandem. with macrocosmic spiritualities, religions, etc., then use Affirm Blessings, and again don’t be stingy with those blessings, increase your blessings by multiplying it by googles, and other top numbers. Yeoni has come to grips with the idea of her dying, she feels she has experienced freedom, and no one can take that away from her, so if she dies, she knows she has lived in freedom, from the oppressive, totalitarian government of North Korea.                                     4. In solidarity, with each defector, this is our Gathering for this week. We will have a regular Gathering next week!

# 33 Topaz

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder _

Topaz is a difficult; insight into this multimedia mix gem must be done carefully, while trying to work with it. . Topaz is a bringer of color, the 5 colors of the spiritual rainbow. What does this mean, Topaz is a gem, who can function, in any way possible, from Light, to Dank, for it is a bowl to mix colors, and by doing this create light or dank energy, or neutral color.

Topaz is directed toward the Light, but can be used as a dark gem, without losing its path of Light. This gem is the great seducer, for it tries to seduce all who come in contact with it, to keep it beside them, and feel they’re working within the Light. Whether, this is true or not, has to be found out, by washing it with cold water. If the feeling of repression doesn’t go away immediately; then as in computer operation, you have a darkness, influencing and using your Topaz.

Topaz is the creative ideas, financing of creative ideas, and works to get what its partner wants, unless its been turned, then it will work against you.

How do we make Topaz safe, by emerging it in salt water, then clean it in cold, clear water.

Topaz is great if creative people use it in their work; it’s a gem who loves creative works and is ready to work 24/7.

Topaz is, also, the great influencer, it may be used to influence people, etc. around it through telepathic push, but the user has to focus through it to be helped by it.

# 70 Internet terrorism

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The internet is a wonderful experience, except for those who become a target of bullying, character assassination, inner energy loss by personal attacks, and telepathic terrorism.

Anonymous writings, of dark energy, done to crucify a person, is the dark force of the internet. Teenagers, have committed suicide over bullying and character assassination, all done without saying, who is doing the terrorism of the internet, against peaceful, civil utilization of the internet.

The final act, within these terrorist acts, are those who are psychic, and use telepathic attack, to try to get their target to lose faith in themselves, and or block aspects of the person, which is important to them.

Telepathic terrorism is dark force; and those who do it, are the Dank, users and creators of the darkside of the Force, even more so, when it is seen as an attack against Microcosmic Force energy, building new paths for the individual to travel, in search of their higher consciousness.

I have a friend who has  been the target of these dark forces, for 3 years, and is living badly, because of it. They attack her constantly, and try to get her to do things against herself, so they can get rid of her, as one of the Light Bearers, in the world.

They use both hacking and telepathic push against an area, that might help the Light Bearers in their work. If she should fall, then all Light Bearers are at risk, to these criminal terrorists, who want to destroy all the Light Bearers in the world, and beyond it.

How do they attack telepathically- by telepathic push, against something within the Light Bearer, and have their followers and themselves, focus on this one element, till the Light Bearers, lose confidence in that area. It is systematic blocking of the energies and powers of the Light Bearers.

How does this work? It’s mental, spiritual terrorism; it is systematic blockage of the positive light, shining from all Light Bearers. This isn’t a here today and gone tomorrow action, but a sustained military action against one person, by many.

These terrorists fail to recognize a truth- the more you get to do what you want, the less energy you have to accomplish it. In other words number of persons, actually creates a 50% cut in the telepathic energy directed toward the Light Bearer.

Now, what happens, when other Light Bearers ignore the plight of one of their own? The ultimate is death, feeling like your losing you, losing control of your assets, your sanity and more.

This is not simply a prank, on the Light Bearer, but is a terrorist act against them, and when other Light Bearers, close their eyes to what is happening to one of their own; they fail to see they are in the sights, of the Dank, as well.

May the Microcosmic Force, be with you here and now!

# 32 Hauyne

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Hauyne is an inner mixer, when found in the Earth, it always is with other gems and minerals, but this is simply a cover, for one of the most deadly gems in the Universe.

Hauyne is a Destructor gem, and it works to destroy, or ruin anything good around it, so don’t pick it up, don’t take it with you, or keep it around the house. Any amount of Hauyne is deadly, for it incorporates its interactive ability to create Destructor energy, which is poison to any life form, other than those who follow the dark or dank path.

Stay away from it, and don’t have anything to do with it.

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