(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Silver is an all-purpose metal; it can be used, for many things, but it’s, also, a keeper of the planetary balance, with the rest of the Universe. It is a multi-operator, meaning being able to work in any state of its vitality.

Silver is an energizer, metal, and works well, in tandem, with titanium, but only small amounts of titanium. Any more, and helping, becomes destroying, because without it being in the majority, of the tandem experience, the other element, tries to take over, and in doing so, sets itself to be weak, with the possibility, of destruction, falseness, crime, etc.,

In other words, it can become a Destructor element. At the same time, when used as an element within a creation, all creations are not good for you, make sure the energy of the creation, matches yours. Trust your feelings!

Silver is a preserver, if what you want to preserve, is placed near silver, but not on top of it.

Silver, when used, with multi-other elements of creation, becomes the balancer, within the multi-faceted creation.

Too much silver and it becomes the imbalancer, and works to destroy the rhythm of the creation piece, etc..

Silver, when used by itself, becomes an expressor, of those around it, so if your positive, it will be too, but if your negative, then silver is negative, to the point, where it will go in competition with you, as negatives, they’re can only be one negative force, so it seeks to destroy the other negative.

If this negative is you; then it goes to war with you, and does everything in its power to overcome you, and become the principal negative, in the interaction, with you.