(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder _

This is a marketing question, all business have to go through, to find where to spend their funds, where to direct their advertisements, marketing plans, and so on.

EnviroRadience is for anyone who wishes to explore their spirituality; in this light, we have invited any and all pornstars, to come to our site, and read the weekly Gathering, and begin to explore their spirituality.

Another audience we want to reach out to is all nudists, and naturists, who want to expand on their love of being naked, as a spiritual path of wonder and enjoyment.

A third audience, is college students, and we  welcome them, to come to EnviroRadience and explore their spirituality, in reading our weekly Gatherings.

A fourth audience- is anyone, who wishes to start a new leaf in life, and want a spiritual direction in finding their way out of the life style they have now, to one, where spirituality is the most important aspect of their lives.

A fifth audience, is those children, who want to have a path, which allows them to explore their worlds, use their inherent talents, and build a great life for themselves.

A sixth audience, is males, who want to build their spirituality, and in doing so, respecting women and children, as a blessing, and not a curse. Domestic violence, drugs, violence as an occupation, and so on.

Freeing men, from expectations of what their roles in society are; especially as boyfriend, lover, husband, bread winner, and so on.

Expectations are the way to keep citizens in line with the general expectations, of what is expected of a man, in his relationships, his work, his sexuality, and so on.

The seventh audience is women, who have expectations on themselves, and others expect them to be a certain way, for their benefit, not the woman’s, birthing and raising of children, being the manager of children, and home, and wife to the person, who loves her, and wishes to have a full relationship with his wife, ergo, sexual activity is practiced, as well as love, guiding each, to find the beauty in each other.

The eighth audience is for those who have done things they wish they hadn’t, which has led to be a player on the street, in organizations, in violent organizations or gangs, and are especially manipulative toward women, children, and anyone they find they can manipulate to their advantage.

If you truly want to transform yourself, come weekly and read our Gatherings, spiritual messages; they are for all, who wish to know of their own spiritual worth.

Our ninth audience, is a welcome to those whistleblowers, and sharers of information, that governments, and business, and families don’t want to be known, so they can continue their criminal pursuits, their manipulations and so on. Whistleblowers are Heroes! They are what makes a country stay on its toes, and operate, as a trustworthy organization, and not a criminal one.

Governments have a duty to its citizens, to represent the best of its political structure, and in how it treats its citizens, who it’s formed to be a benefit to the populace. Most governments today are criminal operations, who use lies, deceit, set ups, and more to rule over their citizens, not work with them.

The tenth audience are the disbelievers, in their own spirituality, and look to  logic, thinking, and rule of justice, which means who ever in power, decides what power and justice are, and who it represents and who it doesn’t.

The eleventh audience are contactees and abductees; what you experience is real, and to help you deal with this trauma, to build your spiritual insights, and learn how to work with the hypnoblocks put into you, so you won’t remember what happens to you, when you are kidnapped by ETs, and the military of this world.

We believe you; you were kidnapped, and are part of an ET long term interaction with humans, to look for those who might stand against them, to utilize gene matching to bring about the birth of a new race to help them defend themselves, against any threat humans might pose for them, and others who might want to go to war with them.

The Way of the Jedi, Jedi Knights, and Dream Dancers, is the path of Microcosmic Harmony, within each person, and to have them be able to walk a spiritual path of their own making.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!