(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder _

Topaz is a difficult; insight into this multimedia mix gem must be done carefully, while trying to work with it. . Topaz is a bringer of color, the 5 colors of the spiritual rainbow. What does this mean, Topaz is a gem, who can function, in any way possible, from Light, to Dank, for it is a bowl to mix colors, and by doing this create light or dank energy, or neutral color.

Topaz is directed toward the Light, but can be used as a dark gem, without losing its path of Light. This gem is the great seducer, for it tries to seduce all who come in contact with it, to keep it beside them, and feel they’re working within the Light. Whether, this is true or not, has to be found out, by washing it with cold water. If the feeling of repression doesn’t go away immediately; then as in computer operation, you have a darkness, influencing and using your Topaz.

Topaz is the creative ideas, financing of creative ideas, and works to get what its partner wants, unless its been turned, then it will work against you.

How do we make Topaz safe, by emerging it in salt water, then clean it in cold, clear water.

Topaz is great if creative people use it in their work; it’s a gem who loves creative works and is ready to work 24/7.

Topaz is, also, the great influencer, it may be used to influence people, etc. around it through telepathic push, but the user has to focus through it to be helped by it.