(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The internet is a wonderful experience, except for those who become a target of bullying, character assassination, inner energy loss by personal attacks, and telepathic terrorism.

Anonymous writings, of dark energy, done to crucify a person, is the dark force of the internet. Teenagers, have committed suicide over bullying and character assassination, all done without saying, who is doing the terrorism of the internet, against peaceful, civil utilization of the internet.

The final act, within these terrorist acts, are those who are psychic, and use telepathic attack, to try to get their target to lose faith in themselves, and or block aspects of the person, which is important to them.

Telepathic terrorism is dark force; and those who do it, are the Dank, users and creators of the darkside of the Force, even more so, when it is seen as an attack against Microcosmic Force energy, building new paths for the individual to travel, in search of their higher consciousness.

I have a friend who has  been the target of these dark forces, for 3 years, and is living badly, because of it. They attack her constantly, and try to get her to do things against herself, so they can get rid of her, as one of the Light Bearers, in the world.

They use both hacking and telepathic push against an area, that might help the Light Bearers in their work. If she should fall, then all Light Bearers are at risk, to these criminal terrorists, who want to destroy all the Light Bearers in the world, and beyond it.

How do they attack telepathically- by telepathic push, against something within the Light Bearer, and have their followers and themselves, focus on this one element, till the Light Bearers, lose confidence in that area. It is systematic blocking of the energies and powers of the Light Bearers.

How does this work? It’s mental, spiritual terrorism; it is systematic blockage of the positive light, shining from all Light Bearers. This isn’t a here today and gone tomorrow action, but a sustained military action against one person, by many.

These terrorists fail to recognize a truth- the more you get to do what you want, the less energy you have to accomplish it. In other words number of persons, actually creates a 50% cut in the telepathic energy directed toward the Light Bearer.

Now, what happens, when other Light Bearers ignore the plight of one of their own? The ultimate is death, feeling like your losing you, losing control of your assets, your sanity and more.

This is not simply a prank, on the Light Bearer, but is a terrorist act against them, and when other Light Bearers, close their eyes to what is happening to one of their own; they fail to see they are in the sights, of the Dank, as well.

May the Microcosmic Force, be with you here and now!