(c) Terry Floyd Johnson,2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

This week we’re celebrating the freedom defectors, from different countries, have found, and within that finding, they’re working to get news, information, etc., back to their countries of origin:

  1. Yeonmi Park- a North Korean defector, who’s a thorn, in the North Korean’s Leader’s, side. Go to you tube and type in her name, and watch all four of the you tube videos; you won’t get the full story, until you listen, and see for yourself, the battle this young woman and her family have lived through. She is a star, on a program in South Korea, which tells the truth about North Korea, and its repressive regime. She’s, also, a writer, on the internet, for a newspaper, which tells the truth, again, about the repressive environment in  North Korea.   Needless to say, Kim doesn’t like her, and the North Korean, intelligence agency is after her, to kill her.   The TV program is popular in China ( who sends North Koreans- back to North Korea, to torture and death ) and in North Korea, as well as, South Korea.(b) along with her, is her mother, and an older sister, who went through terrible trials herself, which she still can’t talk about. (c) Yeonmi was thirteen, when a man who had helped them, suddenly told her mother he was going to rape her daughter. Her mother let herself be raped, instead of her daughter, right in front of her daughter’s eyes.
  2. We recognize all defectors, from repression and oppressive environments- each of you- are a Spirit Hero.

3. Yeonmi and all defectors face death and torture, if they’re recaptured, and taken back to their country of origin; Yeonmi Park, is on Kim’s kill list; she and all other defectors, need our Microcosmic Force Blessing Affirmations. Don’;t be stingy, say your affirmation, then build more on top of it, by saying googles, etc. on it, each number becoming what it’s multiplied with. If you’re more macrocosmic oriented, or want to work in tandem. with macrocosmic spiritualities, religions, etc., then use Affirm Blessings, and again don’t be stingy with those blessings, increase your blessings by multiplying it by googles, and other top numbers. Yeoni has come to grips with the idea of her dying, she feels she has experienced freedom, and no one can take that away from her, so if she dies, she knows she has lived in freedom, from the oppressive, totalitarian government of North Korea.                                     4. In solidarity, with each defector, this is our Gathering for this week. We will have a regular Gathering next week!