(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Hyconseo Lee- another defector, from North Korea- listen to her TED talk on you tube

Hannah Song- CEO of an organization, who works to free North Korea; her parents run an underground passage way, for North Korean defectors, who want to leave the brutal country

Dami Im- who, with her stardom, gives light to the need of North Korean citizens

the Green Party- the real deal, in wanting to help all oppress people in the world

Amnesty International- working to make sure prisoners, etc., are treated humanity

and all other organizations, people working to free the oppress citizens in any country in the world.

Doctors across Borders- for working free, to help those in other countries, who need medical help, but can’t get it in their own countries

Pornstars, past, present, future- who will undergo a major transformation in the future

the Godlarians- the First caretakers of the Earth and the solar system, as well as, the galaxy, who will be making an incredible come back, soon

Sonny Bozeman, and his non-profit, Outflow, who helps children with AIDS, or are AIDS affected

LGBT centers in the world, as well as those who stand up for LGBT rights, in countries, where being one of the forementioned can get you killed

Women of the world, who has to live, through, males-, war on women, this includes women, who have been killed by males

Gloria Steinham, and other feminists, who led the way to free women, from male domination, at risk of their own lives

artists, creative people, who stand in solidarity, to show the world the strength and power, of women

To all women, who want to gain and build their sexual freedom

Nudists and Naturists around the world

Museums around the world

” Mash ” TV show

Hippies everywhere

Clothing-optional operations, who allow, both clothed and naked enjoyments, in their usual beautiful grounds