(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Is named after J.P. Morgan, the wealthy man, of banking, etc.. Unfortunately, this colors this gem, for most, who see it, and hear its name.

However, Morganite, doesn’t allow the name to influence it; it is what it is, no matter the name, or the reason the person gets the gem named after him.

How, does this happen… it has a two fold realization of who it is; and in astrology, is most associated with June, or Gemini.

The astrological Gemini is the twins, and the negative person, and the positive person, must go beyond the energy created by itself, and find a path, which will bring the two together in peace and harmony,

Depending on the person using Morganite, it will help or hinder them. It can do both equally well. The more spiritual, or the more moral the person is, the greater the work of Morganite, in the positive mode.

Morganite, has to be monitored  carefully; it helps to wash them in cold water, at least, once a week; this will fire up its spiritual harmony, with its partner, in doing spiritual, psychic, and transpersonal acts.

Morganite is also seen as a sex gem; in that it’s unique role in being negative or positive, transfers to the sexual act- between any two people. Morganite, helps both people, or more, to get the best out of sex they can. This can diverge into negative actions, seen as pleasureable, and creates a negative state of mind, for those who go into kinky sex, and so on.