# 40 Almandine ( Garnet )

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Almandine is a gemstone, which is fluid, meaning it is brittle, and chips easily, the chips, becomes a wholistic whole, providing an interaction with the base Almandine, while, being perfectly happy to spread its wings, through flaking of itself.

Almandine is a neurological gem, meaning it’s best used within a holder, and placed on the forehead. This gems,helps in the clearing of the mind, through chipping or flaking away, of that, which is wrong, within you. It works over time, and isn’t a fast fix.

Almandine flakes are whole, themselves, and can be used for any number, of subjects, where many, instead of one is needed.

Almandine core, as long as it exists, is best used within yhe home, office, etc., it’s a  gem, which watches over your home, etc., and works against anything, which would come in, an try to chip away, at your idea, of yourself.

Almandine is, also, a therapeutic gem, in that it can be used, to flake off negative thoughts, tapes, etc., as you can accept it doing that for you.

Almandine is a circus gem, meaning, it loves to be out in plain sight, so those who see it, get a flash of fun, expertness, eagerness, and so on, but do not place it in the bedroom, for it likes to be where there is activity, it can flake on, to rid you of negative thoughts, etc.,

Be good to this gem, and it will be good to you!

# 94 Where do the creative juices come from?

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

To put this into perspective, you are a bodymind, a single whole, without any parts, which is the way most philosophies/religions don’t want you to believe or see.

You do things wholistically, meaning what we see as aspects of you, are in fact simply description, of the action taken, not the wholistic movement, which actually funds the participating action.

All our outer actions, which we’ve been taught are parts driven, by how we use our actions, is not true, what is true, you are a single organism- everything you do comes from within the totality of you.

Creative energies, do energies, any energy drawn up out of you, is a holistic, microcosmic energy, which is total in its application, to what needs to be done.

Today, the civilizations of the world, work to maintain, the wrong view of the human, etc. body and mind. They want you to see yourself as a construction of parts, which we draw upon, to live our life. Aspects, parts, are description, of the holistic action, of Microcosmic Bodymind, wholeness and fullness, through individual action.

So, where does your creative energies come from, your bodymind, singly, and what you do with it, is a description, of your creative energies, not the creative energies, themselves.

You have been taught and brainwashed, to believe that your life, body, mind, and actions, only come through a patterning of parts, into an action, based on your understanding you, as a collection of parts, which means your wholeness/fullness, is broken up, and the rest repressed, so you can live a lie- you are simply a collection of parts.

Work on transforming this warped view, to Microcosmic Blessings Crystal White Light.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!

# 37 Ivory

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Don’t use it period; elephants are killed, for this substance, the ivory is theirs, not the fortune hunters, who kill them.

Is their any substance, which can take the place of ivory, yes, there is- ash, spiritual ash, hemp, and ice.

Use any of these instead of invory.

What is spiritual ash: 1. ash that has been Microcosmic Force Blessings, or whatever faith you believe in

The rest are self-explanatory, but hemp, that isn’t smoked, but can be used in million different things.

# 73 Music is the substance, which helps the world cope with itself

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The stress, the noise, the sonic boom, and more of today’s society, if not mitigated in some way will wear down a person’s resistance, and ability, to cope in today’s social strata, and industrial noise. Not to mention, computers, printers, and so on.

What is and can be used to create a substance, which will allow us to function, and be healthy in bodymind? The answer is music!

Music can give us beauty, expression, softness or hardness, antidote to all the noise in the world. We call it- the Human Answer, to living in a noise, stressful society.

All music can be a barrier, between you and the noise of society; or your neighbors, fighting, and loudness. Music is the description of the mind and the joy of having the ability to create melodies, new age instrumentals, pop, rock and roll, heavy metal, opera, stand and film music, natural sounds of nature, and the beat of the human heart, and total bodymind conscious.

We, as the responsible one, for our bodymind, and our consciousness, looks at all kinds of music, to hear and decide, which one you like; my favs are rock and roll, pop, film music, new age, techo music. What are yours?

Music is one of the most important elements in living in social strata, of all kinds, for it helps to lubricate between your ears, and the noise of humanity, nature, and so on.

Music had to be created, to be a creative experience, of individuals, or more the a single person, to be the lubricate, which allows us, to flow, within nature, social strata, industrial noise, and so on. If music didn’t exist, illness, stress, anger, violence, would be more than what it is now.

The military has its own songs, which they consider to be the description of the service it is representing.

We all have the song of our hearts, being, and consciousness, and that love or fondness, for music, gives rise to the expression of it , in all the categories, we have discussed, and more: growing crops, soothing babies and children, help you to focus on your work, etc.

Music can be used negatively, as well, when a person uses it to block out the world, to not hear what’s going on around them, and around the world. It can be written, to stir up the national pride, and cause the creation of those who believe the music, and want to make war, etc..

Overall, Music, is the finest lubricant, to live in creative, listening, and turn the object of doing or work, into a much more pleasant, occupation.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!

# 56 Hypersthene

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Hypersthene is a strange and difficult gem, to utilize, for it tries to switch dimensions on you; you have to watch it carefully, but if you do, it will help you with your dimensional meditations and visions.

Hypersthene is a gem of dimensions, and not all those dimensions, are positive, so you must say what you want, before using this gem, and put blessings upon your want, so it will stay on track.

Do not use this lightly’ it can work for dark, as well as, light. Best users are those, who are drawn to it, for then, it works in energy to match its user and benefactor.

Wash in cold water, frequently, and after each use, as well as, before.

You choose, don’t let it force you to go on paths you don’t want.

Its blessings, is it’s a gem, which works with a chooser/benefactor, to do scientific work, and especially is beneficial in the medical sciences.

Be honest with it, and it works with you, try to do something other than what you say, and it becomes an enemy to you.

# 72 The Way of the Jedi/Dream Dancer

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Yeonmi Park, is a 22 year old, North Korean Defector; her and her mother went to China, where they thought they would be free, but for Yeonmi, it was for a bowl of rice.

They didn’t know it, but they ran into human traffiker, who told them, if Yeonmi, didn’t have sex with him, he would turn them into the Chinese government. This was, and is dire, for China, would send them back to North Korea, where torture, and death, awaited any, who are sent back.

The rest of Yeonmi’s story is in her new book: ” In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom.”, and is fascinating and angering view of the terrible rule of kim Jong, and how the North Koreans are forced to live, and many not to live at all.

We stand in solidarity, with Yeonmi, and other North Koreans, who help bring North Koreans to South Korea, and like Yeonmi, try to make the other nations aware of the atrocities, being done daily, in North Korea.

We stand in solidarity, with # Black Lives Matter/# All Lives Matter; and all other organizations working to help humans be free, not hungry, in the world.

We stand in solidarity, with organizations working to free LGBT, people around the world, and work to stop any attempt to kill them, anywhere in the world.

We stand in solidarity with building genderless social movements and knowledge, so equality is simply the way things are, equal, for both women and men.

We stand in solidarity with nudists and naturists, who want the freedom to be sky clad, as a natural expression, of fashion style and taste, and a right to live as they choose, as long as they do no harm. Nakedness being shocking to others, is not a right to deny nudists and naturists, to go sky clad, wherever and when ever they want.

We stand in solidarity, with the idea and will of Justice, not the criminal organizations, called paramilitary outfits, in every city, who have killed more Americans, in this country, than any other country has killed its citizens. We stand against executioners/murderers/ and guilt by association, by finding they did no wrong, in killing Americans. They all are guilty, and need to be imprisoned, for their lust for killing, and the deed, where they actually kill a citizen. Those committees, who look into these murders, and come out claiming the police did no wrong, are all part of the bluebrotherhood, a criminal organization, and idea, to cover up, for other policepersons, when they do wrong.

We stand in solidarity, against the corrupt and murderous Pentagon, and its military forces, who can say an 80% loss of American Lives, in a nuclear war, would be all right, for that left 20% Americans alive to continue the battle. Stupidity outstanding; justice needs to rise, and get rid of these generals, etc., politicians, and subsucking defense community, that lives to create wars, and kill human beings, for their own private profit.

We stand in solidarity, with those, who call an end to the CIA, and its criminal and murderous ways, and the okaying,that torture against another human being, and doing criminal activities, to cover up their illegal activities, around the world, is alright and legal..

We stand in solidarity, with those, who want scientists, and military leaders, brought to justice, for trying out non-lethal, but still powerful gases, on the citizens of San Francisco, and other places around the US. This is treason of the highest order, and these inhuman beings, need to be kept from working on any military project.

We stand in solidarity, with those, who want to get rid of courts, police,, intelligence agencies, and build a justice organization, who wants to be equal in treatment to all, who have hearts to allow justice to win over, the political criminal organizations, now called courts, police, CIA, and so on.

We’re a spiritual fellowship; meaning we want social justice, freedom for all, to be backup, for those, who want to try new things, and don’t try to doctor the work to fit political agenda: hear that Clinton, Bush, and I’m sure Obama; Obama does treason everyday, for he signed into effect, the National Defense Bill of 2012, which gave the President, dictatoral rights, which are all illegal, and shows the direction of the politicians, in the US; to build a dictatorship, against Americans, everywhere.

We stand in solidarity, with those, who work for peace, who live their life as to be an inspiration, for others, who work on their own projects, doing it by themselves, or with others, we want psychological, sociological, and peer relationship, to work with others peer to peer.

We stand in solidarity with those, who preach peace, not hatred, who give others the right to walk a spiritual path of individual wholeness/fullness, and who work for the richness of the human spirit.

May the Microcosmic Force be with us All!

# 55 Flourite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Flourite is used for carvings, and powdered, to be used by the Chinese, in their ancient culture. Egyptians used it as well, but they used it as a sex powder, and to mix with other natural found ingredients to produce color, especially used by the women, as a cosmetic.

Our use of Flourite is quite different, for in using this as a cosmetic, Egyptian women, were, poisoning themselves, a little, at a time, any gem, if not used correctly, is the antithesis of a healthy method.

Flourite is the great cleanser, when worked with Earth Magic, it becomes the sands of time, and of experience; it is the way of the trail, and the use of covering one’s psychic presence, in the clouds of Flourite.

Native Americans looked for it, as an addition, to other Earth Magic, combinations; but its primary use is as a way of creating new trails, new ideas, and to produce the atmosphere, to this, in humans.

Flourite is used, when a powder, as a line around the Earth Magic, ingredients, separating the Earth Magic being done, and the External Worlds.

Flourite is thought of, as a comma, around the Earth Magic, separating, but bringing about psychic/spiritual interface, with the other worlds.

Do not use this gem, haphazardly, because it can kickback on you, to your unpleasant surprise.

Do not use it around weapons;, for it will take on their energy; to anyone who would use it, including you.

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