(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Flourite is used for carvings, and powdered, to be used by the Chinese, in their ancient culture. Egyptians used it as well, but they used it as a sex powder, and to mix with other natural found ingredients to produce color, especially used by the women, as a cosmetic.

Our use of Flourite is quite different, for in using this as a cosmetic, Egyptian women, were, poisoning themselves, a little, at a time, any gem, if not used correctly, is the antithesis of a healthy method.

Flourite is the great cleanser, when worked with Earth Magic, it becomes the sands of time, and of experience; it is the way of the trail, and the use of covering one’s psychic presence, in the clouds of Flourite.

Native Americans looked for it, as an addition, to other Earth Magic, combinations; but its primary use is as a way of creating new trails, new ideas, and to produce the atmosphere, to this, in humans.

Flourite is used, when a powder, as a line around the Earth Magic, ingredients, separating the Earth Magic being done, and the External Worlds.

Flourite is thought of, as a comma, around the Earth Magic, separating, but bringing about psychic/spiritual interface, with the other worlds.

Do not use this gem, haphazardly, because it can kickback on you, to your unpleasant surprise.

Do not use it around weapons;, for it will take on their energy; to anyone who would use it, including you.