(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The first thing you must know, and remember, for it’s quite important, is this:

,                                                                                                                                                                                 ,.

The commas stand for your spirit, and the empty space between them, isn’t really empty, is the true you, one which you can never know, for what you can perceive of it, is what it was, not what it is. What you can know, and work with or in common cause with, is known as- spirit ( yours; no one else,can use your- spirit.

In the mundane world, you’re connected to your spirit by a crystal-white cord or golden cord, this means you can never be separated from your spirit, even though, there are those, who follow the Dank, would have you believe you can be. You and only you; is capable of knowing, and utilizing your spirit!

This doesn’t mean you can’t be hurt, when you astral project, but that’s within the soul, while you still believe you have one, the path of the Jedi/Jedi Knight/Dream Dancer, if astral projecting, can lead you into many dangers, and battle, with those you have known, and won over or lost to, and now you’re back to free yourself, from this Dank lord or lady.

The battle is telepath to telepath; and the one who remains standing is the winner; the Dank draws to itself your psychic powers, or at least, the outer, the inner, no way. The Dank keeps your being clouded, so you won’t remember, yourself, so the battle is where you or they, remember and now seek to escape, from the powers of the Dank.

That is one battle; the other battle, is where you astral project, out into the astral planes, and there are billions of them, you go to the ones, which you feel will allow you to learn more about your powers, yourself, or in the way of oneness; you join with this consciousness, and let go of your psychic powers, so the oneness consciousness can use it, and give you back yours and more than yours if you need it.

The problem with this, anytime you join another consciousness, or the one, or the Force; all see themselves as universal oneness, you, in fact, halve your psychic powers, so when you need psychic talents, abilities and skills, you are given back the powers you gave up to oneness, and when you need more than what is given to you of your own powers, strengths and acumen, what you’re getting is a try at equaling your original, freedom powers etc., wholeness/fullness, of your psychic powers, which you can know, and the ones you can never know what they truly are, but who can act to help you, or you can do Microcosmic Blessings, to, to help you, when you have reached the end of your rope, and give up trying to make things happen, and allow this uniqueness of you, handle it for you.

This is why Microcosmic Force says don’t involve yourself, with the oneness/universal consciousness, which wants to be all, by convincing beings, to give up their powers, to it. This is called spiritual fraud. In the astral planes, look into everything you experience twice, for there’s tons of spiritual fraud going on.

You must choose to protect yourself, from the con, run by beings, who want your powers, handed over to them. This means they think this gives them more strength within their own psychic powers; it doesn’t. It may give them a slight hiccup of more power, they think, but only you can use your psychic powers, no one else.

Think of oneness, as a giant brain, which isn’t in one place, but its cells stretch across large areas of the Universe, but it doesn’t have to be in a single place, it can be everywhere in the Universe, by placing its cells, where it wants them. You are one those cells; and if a cell goes rogue- sees the wrongness about the oneness, they are cut off from the larger brain consciousness immediately.

You are individual; act in the only way you can to be true to yourself, be yourself!

Microcosmic Blessings to you, here and now!