(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The stress, the noise, the sonic boom, and more of today’s society, if not mitigated in some way will wear down a person’s resistance, and ability, to cope in today’s social strata, and industrial noise. Not to mention, computers, printers, and so on.

What is and can be used to create a substance, which will allow us to function, and be healthy in bodymind? The answer is music!

Music can give us beauty, expression, softness or hardness, antidote to all the noise in the world. We call it- the Human Answer, to living in a noise, stressful society.

All music can be a barrier, between you and the noise of society; or your neighbors, fighting, and loudness. Music is the description of the mind and the joy of having the ability to create melodies, new age instrumentals, pop, rock and roll, heavy metal, opera, stand and film music, natural sounds of nature, and the beat of the human heart, and total bodymind conscious.

We, as the responsible one, for our bodymind, and our consciousness, looks at all kinds of music, to hear and decide, which one you like; my favs are rock and roll, pop, film music, new age, techo music. What are yours?

Music is one of the most important elements in living in social strata, of all kinds, for it helps to lubricate between your ears, and the noise of humanity, nature, and so on.

Music had to be created, to be a creative experience, of individuals, or more the a single person, to be the lubricate, which allows us, to flow, within nature, social strata, industrial noise, and so on. If music didn’t exist, illness, stress, anger, violence, would be more than what it is now.

The military has its own songs, which they consider to be the description of the service it is representing.

We all have the song of our hearts, being, and consciousness, and that love or fondness, for music, gives rise to the expression of it , in all the categories, we have discussed, and more: growing crops, soothing babies and children, help you to focus on your work, etc.

Music can be used negatively, as well, when a person uses it to block out the world, to not hear what’s going on around them, and around the world. It can be written, to stir up the national pride, and cause the creation of those who believe the music, and want to make war, etc..

Overall, Music, is the finest lubricant, to live in creative, listening, and turn the object of doing or work, into a much more pleasant, occupation.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!